City launches public survey on renaming Mukilteo Speedway

The City of Mukilteo is inviting residents to participate in a public survey on renaming the Mukilteo Speedway (SR 525) from Beverly Park Road to 1st Street in Mukilteo. The survey will run until May 31st, providing an opportunity for the community to voice their opinions on potential new names for the main stretch of road in Mukilteo.

Despite numerous external analyses conducted over the years, the origin of the name “Mukilteo Speedway” remains unclear. Various sources have attributed the name to different reasons.

The process for naming a state highway is administered by the Washington State Transportation Commission. If a name change is approved, properties currently addressed with “Mukilteo Speedway” would need to update their information to reflect the new address after the City readdresses those properties.

“We are excited to engage the community in this exciting opportunity,” stated Mayor Joe Marine. “The name Mukilteo Speedway never quite made much sense to me, so I am glad we are looking at alternatives that better reflect the character of Mukilteo.”

Residents are encouraged to complete the brief, three question survey at


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