City Launches “Make Mukilteo”; a New Community Engagement Website

The City of Mukilteo is pleased to announce the launch of Make Mukilteo, a new community engagement website where citizens can connect, communicate and collaborate with community decision makers and other residents on the future of our city.  With Make Mukilteo the City pursues its goal of generating authenticate public participation in city decision-making and providing a variety of meaningful opportunities to participate.

“I really believe in two-way communication with our community, and Make Mukilteo is a new and innovative method to do just that,” said Mayor Jennifer Gregerson. “With Make Mukilteo, we can engage people in the way that’s easiest for them. We’ll get direct feedback in an interactive and easy to use platform,” Gregerson said.

Make Mukilteo will not replace the traditional methods of public participation and for receiving public input; instead it augments those methods and seeks to involve a broad representation of residents.

With Make Mukilteo the City can pose simple questions to the public to get their direct feedback.  The City will post interactive surveys that will help elected officials better understand the desires and values of residents.  Make Mukilteo allows on-line discussion groups where residents can comment and discuss City projects amongst themselves, and with elected officials and City staff.

“Our City strongly encourages you to participate at Make Mukilteo, to share your ideas, to be heard, and to build a better community,” said Gregerson.

To find out more go to  or if you’re ready to sign up now go directly to and register by providing your name and email address. Once registered, participants can start responding to questions, take surveys, and offer their voice in on-line discussions.


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