City Employees Recognized for Length of Service

Thank YouThe City of Mukilteo has an employee award program to celebrate milestones in an employee’s length of service. “This program provides an important way to acknowledge an employee’s contributions to the effectiveness and efficiency of City government,” stated Mayor Jennifer Gregerson.  “We hope our service recognition program communicates how much we value an employee’s service to the people and City of Mukilteo.  All of us benefit when our staff is experienced and turnover is low.”

In the first six (6) months of 2016, nine employees were recognized for their service to the City.  Most have worked at least 10 years, with three recognized for 15 years’ service.  The service recognition program begins at 5 years of service, and each 5-year increment is recognized by the Mayor signing a special certificate of congratulations, which is presented at a group or staff meeting. In addition, the employee selects a gift from a catalog specially designed for each service award certificate.

Congratulations to these employees who were recognized for their service to the City so far in 2016:

Police Chief Charles Macklin – 10 years
Firefighter/Paramedic Kelli McNees – 10 years
Permit Services Technician Jan Shudick – 15 years
Maintenance Lead Jeran Hurst – 10 years
Associate Planner Linda Ritter – 10 years
Support Services Technician (Police Department) Kristie Castle – 10 years
Firefighter Roger Rudikoff – 15 years
Police Officer Joe Hamilton – 15 years




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