City Council Approves November Ballot Measure to Ask Voters to Change Form of Government

The Mukilteo City Council approved Resolution 2019-07 placing a measure on the November ballot to change the city’s form of government from a strong Mayor/Council format to a Council/Manager format.

In the coming weeks, the City will reach out to residents to volunteer to serve on Pro or Con Committees to write statements for the local voter’s pamphlet. The “Pro” Committee would write a statement of no more than 250 words in support of the ballot measure to change the form of government and a rebuttal statement of no more than 75 words to the Con Committee statement; conversely, the “Con” Committee would write a statement (250 word maximum) against the ballot measure and a rebuttal (75 word maximum) of the Pro Committee’s statement. The City Council can appoint up to three members for each Committee, and the process to apply will be forthcoming.  The tentative date for Council to make the Pro/Con Committee appointments is July 15, 2019.

With the change in government format, the Mayor position would no longer be elected by the voters, instead, the City Council would be select one of their members to serve as Mayor on a rotating basis. The City Manager would be hired by the City Council, and all City staff would be hired and report to the City Manager. If voters approve the change in form of government, it would take effect the day the election is certified, or November 26, 2019.

The Snohomish County 2019 District Guide is a handy reference to learn how questions are placed on the ballot.  See Page 19 of the District Guide for more information about Pro/Con Committees.


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