City Council Approves Creation of Climate Action Committee

At the Monday, May 6, 2019 Council regular meeting, the City Council approved Resolution 2019-02 establishing a Climate Action Committee to advise Council on renewal energy goals for the City (in the short-term) and residents (in the long-term).

“Recent studies by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change state that in the Pacific Northwest, rising temperatures and sea levels already impact our city and county everyday with increased wildfires, intense smoke, flooding and landslides,” said Mayor Jennifer Gregerson.  ” We will be looking for 9 committee members who will collaborate together to strengthen local efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, assess City energy  infrastructure and operations efficiency, and make recommendations for  grassroots-level, city-led activities to reduce waste and energy usage.  Our City achieved Envirostar” status in 2018 for the City’s current efforts to keep City Hall green and operating efficiently.  Through this effort and our”Mukilteo Cares” Green Business Certification Program, we will encourage our businesses to model environmentally friendly business practices and reduce energy usage.”

Climate Action Committee

The scope of the Committee’s tasks are to

  • consider a recommended clean energy goal by 2030
  • encourage residents to be a part of the solution
  • encourage City staff, businesses and residents to conserve current resources
  • work with the City Council and City administration to implement ideas
  • effectively address the future impacts of climate change

Applying to Serve

To apply to serve on this important Committee, complete the online application.  The Mayor will recommend applicants to the City Council, who will appoint at a future Council meeting. Deadline to apply is Friday, July 5.

Per the revised Resolution 2019-02, membership on the Committee is as follows

  • 2 City Councilmembers
  • 2 residents
  • 2 members from local-non-profits
  • 2 local business owners or representatives from Mukilteo businesses
  • 1 high school student member
  • 1 member from a Snohomish County-based climate change/sustainability organization

The Committee will work to develop an action plan, including options, methods and financial resources needed and an associated timeline and milestones to achieve renewal energy goals. An interim report will be due by December 31, 2019, and their final report by December 31, 2020.

Read Agenda Bill 2019-17 proposing the Climate Action Committee and supporting documentation.


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