Annual Sidewalk Repair Program – Paine Field Blvd.

About the Project

In 2019, the City funded the Annual Sidewalk Repair Program with the vision to invest annually in preserving the City’s existing sidewalk infrastructure, since many sidewalks and paths within the City are in need of repairs due to tree root intrusion, cracking, spalling or old age.  If left unrepaired, these deficiencies can become tripping hazards to users.

Project Description

The 2022 Budget identified a priority to repair the existing shared-use path that runs along Paine Field Blvd., between SR525 and 44th Ave W/92nd St SW.   The existing path is in need of repair due to root intrusion from trees planted within the adjacent amenity zone.  The project intends to remove, repair, and replace damaged segments of the existing asphalt path between SR525 (Mukilteo Speedway) and 44th Ave W/92nd St SW; overlay the existing path with HMA; remove and replace the existing trees within the amenity zone; and perform minor property restoration.

Project Budget

The project is funded by the City’s Annual Sidewalk Repair Program, primarily through REET II funds, with an annual contribution of $25,000.  The early estimated cost for the project was approximated to be $340,000, with $35,000 allocated to the design phase, and the remaining $305,000 to be spent in 2022 for the construction phase.

In October 2021, via the application process, the Cascade Bicycle Club nominated the City of Mukilteo for a Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) “Complete Streets” Award, due to Mukilteo’s excellence in Complete Streets policy and implementation.

On March 25, 2022, the TIB Board selected the City of Mukilteo to receive a “Complete Streets” Award in the amount of $200,000, to support projects along city streets or highways with the intention to improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities, transit access, access paths or on-street aesthetics.

Additionally, In January 2022, City staff was notified by the Snohomish County Parks Department that the City of Mukilteo was awarded $40,000 of REET II funding through Snohomish County’s 2022 Budget to support the Paine Field Blvd Path Repairs project.

These additional funding sources will help to complete the Paine Field Path Repairs project and replenish a portion of the City’s Annual Sidewalk Repair Program budget that was intended to be used for the project.  No City match is required according to the terms of the grant Agreements.

Goals and Benefits

The 2022 Budget identified a priority to repair the existing shared-use path that runs along Paine Field Blvd., between SR525 and 44th Ave W/92nd St SW.   One of the primary benefits of this project will improve safety for users by eliminating tripping hazards in the asphalt pavement caused by tree root intrusion.

Project Schedule

Preliminary Engineering of the project began in September, 2021 and was completed in April, 2022.  The City advertised the project for Construction in early June, 2022, with contractor bids opened on June 29, 2022.  A total of five (5) bids were received with Fidalgo Paving & Construction, LLC determined to be the lowest responsive & responsible bidder.  By City Council action on July 19, 2022, the City of Mukilteo awarded the construction contract to FIDALGO PAVING & CONSTRUCTION, LLC.

A preconstruction (Pre-Con) meeting was held on August 4, 2022 with construction activities anticipated to begin on August 11, 2022.

Due to the physical constraints of the path that runs between a sound barrier (west side) and the Paine Field Blvd roadway (east side), the existing path will be closed August 11-31 for use between SR525 (Mukilteo Speedway, south end of the project) and 44th Ave W / 92nd St SW (north end of the project) .

Construction is anticipated to be complete in October, 2022.

Project Contact

For all questions regarding the details of the project, please contact Randall Roberts, Capital Projects Engineer, or Matt Nienhuis, Public Works Director:

Randall Roberts, P.E.
Capital Projects Engineer

Matt Nienhuis
Public Works Director


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