2024 Co-Sponsorship Facility Use Grant Program

The City of Mukilteo is pleased to announce the 2024 Co-Sponsorship Facility Use Grant Program

The purpose of the City of Mukilteo Co-sponsorship Grant Program is to support Mukilteo based entities with the demonstrated capacity to facilitate and promote Open to the Public special events, programs or activities that enhances the general well-being of the community in areas such as culture and arts, recreation, education, youth development, and or community safety.

Awarded grants provide use of city facilities (i.e., Rosehill Community Center and/or Park Facilities) at no charge.  There is no monetary award attached to this grant.

Online applications are being accepted through 5:00pm, October 24, 2023

For additional information or to apply please visit:

City of Mukilteo | Co-Sponsorship Facility Use Grant – City of Mukilteo (mukilteowa.gov)


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