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Mukiltean of the Day

¦ April 2020 ¦

Beginning April 20, 2020, Mayor Gregerson began selecting a good news story about a fellow Mukiltean each day! Each person or group is named the Mukiltean of the Day. You can nominate other deserving Mukilteans by emailing the Mayor.

June 12, 2020

The Mukiltean of June 11, 2020, is Laura Crawford, who, along with others, organized and fostered Mukilteo’s Teen Lounge at Pointe of Grace Lutheran Church.

Laura worked tirelessly from the inception of Teen Lounge to provide a safe place for high school and middle school students to just “hang out” for three hours, one day a week. She enabled food contributions from a variety of local businesses so that there was always plenty for the kids to eat while playing games, etc. while at Teen Lounge. She also knew which kids were likely not getting enough to eat at home, and often sent several home with extra food she had saved for them. She always enjoyed talking with the kids at Teen Lounge about their day, and how they were doing in school, but was never intrusive. She was a quiet mentor and role model for all of the kids, as well as the adult volunteers, at Teen Lounge. Truly, an incredible Mukiltean!

June 11, 2020

The Mukiltean of June 10, 2020, is Heidie Sharpe, who organized chalk art in honor of people who have been killed by police brutality.

Last Thursday, Heidie organized to bring people together to honor those people who have been killed by police brutality by writing their names on the sidewalk. The chalk written names, the messages, and the artwork stretched from one end of Kamiak High School all the way to Chennault Beach Blvd. Our City of Mukilteo Police talked with those who were gathering at the beginning of the event and were cooperative in offering their support.

Below is a collage put together of some of the works. It’s mostly all washed away now, but take time to learn about these individuals below, in honor of Heidie Sharpe’s efforts.

Black Names Collage Image

June 9, 2020

The Mukiltean of June 9, 2020, is Pil Joe Kim, who donated 2000 masks to the City of Mukilteo.

As he told the Beacon, “I wanted to find a way to pay back to the community.”

We love facial covering and mask donations! These are probably masks we can share in the community, so more to come.

Remember to help your neighbor in honor of Pil Joe Kim.

June 8, 2020

The Mukilteans of June 8, 2020, are current and former Kamiak students Jordyn Porea, Alex Callaway and Joshua Binda. These young Mukilteans organized a successful, peaceful protest and march yesterday. I was impressed and moved with their organizing skills, their passion and their message. I am proud of the participants who came from throughout the region and used their feet, their wheels and their voices to join in, and follow these young leaders.

I also share my appreciation for the Police and Public Works staff who helped ensure that it went off without a hitch, and that everyone stayed safe. On short notice, they jumped in for the Sunday effort, showed respect, and ensured our city was a safe place for these voices of all ages.

June 5, 2020

The Mukilteans of June 5, 2020, are Anna Bui, Jordan Ebner and Jake Long. These three amazing young people lost their lives on July 30, 2016 to gun violence in Mukilteo. I think of them and their families and friends often. They were a singer, a baseball player, a kid who loved his family and our beach, and so much more; they touched many lives and had unlimited potential.

Learn about sensible gun reform and ways we can keep our communities safe from gun violence and safe from gun deaths by suicide.

Alliance for Gun Responsibility

June 4, 2020

The Mukiltean of June 4, 2020, is Kandace Barnes.

Kandace is the director of the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce and is working hard to connect with our businesses, help share information and support our business community. I am proud to partner with her in this effort (stay tuned for Mukilteo Open for Business launch!), and am so glad that she is supporting our City.

Order takeout or shop online at a local business today in her honor!

June 3, 2020

The Mukilteans of June 3, 2020, are our Mukiltean Littles.

These happy, charming preschoolers who cannot comprehend why there is no school, no gymnastics, no dance, no tiny tot sports, no parks/big toys to play on, no beach trips with sunny weather, no pool swimming, no grandparents, aunts and uncles or cousins to play and visit with, no playing with children\neighbors you see as you walk with mom and dad, no museums, no vacations, etc.

These sweet kids are our heroes as they are happy, grateful and so pleased to just be with loving moms, dads, siblings & pets and wave at all who pass as they walk by!

The pandemic and all it entails can’t be explained to them, it makes no sense. They revel in the family time and always radiate a joyfulness.

I wish that we all could find that inner joy as we struggle with the fear, restrictions, unrest, loneliness, uncertainty and the abject powerlessness of our circumstances and everything that is happening in our society.

I particularly highlight the little kids in my life, my 2 year old niece and 5 year old nephew. They make it the best day anytime I can see them or even hear stories!

Please wear your facial coverings, respect everyone you encounter, practice kindness and good hygiene!

Be an example like the littlest residents in Mukilteo, always try to find happiness, gratefulness and peace everyday. And, if you’re the lucky caregiver for one of these kids, let them know it’s THEIR DAY today!

June 2, 2020

The Mukilteans of June 2, 2020, are the kids and families of the Beverly Elementary School PTA who are organizing a candlelight vigil tomorrow at 8pm, in honor of George Floyd and all the black lives lost.

Details about their peaceful candlelight vigil can be found on the event page on facebook. It’s scheduled for June 3, 8-9pm, with a moment of silence from 8:15-8:30pm, along 52nd Ave W between 148th and 164th. This is outside our city limits, but close by. They note that they have had a big response and are encouraging the community to participate from home and post photos on the event page. Those that do attend are asked to wear face coverings, bring family-friendly signs and candles with lighters, lanterns or flashlights for themselves.

As the Beverly Elementary School kids and families work to educate and learn more about these issues, let’s all do the same in their honor.

May 29, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 29, 2020 is Andrew Mott!

Andrew Mott is an engineer in Mukilteo who has been creating 3D printed face masks! He’s distributed 80 masks for the community. He keeps some at the end of his driveway for anyone to pick up. He has made a kids version, and has a video of the creation process (good chance for kids to check out 3D printing, as well!).

Andrew is awesome for doing this for his neighbors and community. Make sure you have your facial covering available for all indoor use outside the home in his honor.

 May 28, 2020

The Mukilteans of May 28, 2020 are our kids and teens!

These kids are awesome and doing the best they can in this confusing situation. Things are weird enough for adults, and our kids are navigating this strange world along side us and doing the best they can.

Peer relationships are so important developmentally during the teen years, especially; it’s really hard to be home all day and away from friends. Add to that the missed commencements, dances, sleepovers, campfires at the beach… Kids are missing out right now, and they deserve to be celebrated for their efforts and sacrifices in reducing the spread!

Tell your kids they are the stars of the day!

May 27, 2020

The Mukilteans of May 27, 2020 are the 53rd St W neighbors!

This group has continued to hold a two-minute 7pm celebration of essential workers and others doing important work. They are spirited and welcoming and brighten the days of one another and those that they honor. This includes those who participate on neighboring streets! The photo below shows their celebration of school nurses during National Nurse Week. The neighbors stay in their driveways and separated, and the visitors roll down the street and wave. It’s a simple celebration but one that symbolizes our Mukilteo Strong spirit.

May 26, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 26, 2020 is Jenna Neijem!

Jenna, owner of Jenna Marie Salon in Mukilteo, is fully involved in our community offering her services to anyone, making sure you leave her beautiful establishment with a smile. As the person nominating her shared, “Her team works their magic to make us look and feel like a million bucks and to top it off she always makes sure you leave with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!! Always making you feel as though you just won the Ms. Mukiltean of the Year!!”

Jenna continues to keep her business closed until a later phase, so put her on the list of options to tame these mops we’ve all grown when she opens!

May 22, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 22, 2020 is Stephannie Stumpf!

Stephannie is the owner of Stephannie’s Doggie Doo’s and Shampoo’s, and as the customer who nominated her said, she has always been a great support to our pets and our community offering her services when and where ever needed. She said, “She works her magic with our fur babies making them feel loved and always treating them as though they were all her pets! She has an amazing family that she works with and together they support our community in any and all way necessary!”

Stephannie is closed until phase 2 begins, so give your pets some extra love until then in honor of her!

May 21, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 21, 2020 is Hadyn Hammerman!

Hadyn just completed his EMT certification this spring. In the midst of the growing Covid 19 crisis, he decided to step in and begin a job as an EMT working for the private ambulance company AMR this April. At 21 years old he is working full time as a first responder helping people in need with ambulatory care despite putting himself and family at potential risk. He nominated by his dad, who said, “we have taken precautions including providing him a separate entrance to our house when he returns from work where he can spray his boots and jacket with Lysol and other disinfectants and put his clothes directly in the wash before heading straight to the showers.” Hadyn is also taking a class at Everett Community College in order to complete his associates’ degree. His work is based out of Tukwila but he does occasionally service the local area here in Snohomish County with trips to Everett hospitals.

Stay safe and healthy in honor of Hadyn today!

 May 20, 2020

The Mukilteans of May 20, 2020 are our Garbage Truck Drivers! These professionals were nominated by a Mukiltean grandmother who shares special moments each day with her grandson over facetime, made more exciting on days that garbage trucks roll by his window. Recently, one driver in particular gave her a big smile, wave, a honk, and positioned the truck dumping maneuver for the camera! Seems like most kids love garbage trucks (The Atlantic has a story with some theories about why; Youtuber Blippi has a video about garbage trucks (bizarre, according to me, but fun according to my nephew) which kids (and parents… just imagine) have watched 41 million times. The Waste Management drivers have continued working throughout these months, taking care of our garbage, recycling and compost. We appreciate their hard work! These drivers all serve Mukilteo, and we honor them as Mukilteans of the Day!

Chris Godfrey, Duke Pacleb, Donald Castellon, Mike Fawcett, Francisco Godinez, Dan Peterson, Saul Klett, Whit Persell, Lanny Rott and Gregorio Preciado.

May 19, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 19, 2020 is Ami Bracket! Ami does random acts of art, and has created a community via her Facebook group, MUKILTEO RANDOM ACTS OF ART* Hide free art. Along with other contributors who have joined, she creates art and hides them around town. When someone finds one, there is a suggestion to share their finding on the Facebook page! Ami was nominated by her son, and he shared, “I think in these difficult times the most important thing is to maintain a good outlook on everything and these random acts of art definitely help aid with that. She is such a sweet woman. Mother of three, and raising her granddaughter currently. We are 29, 26 and 16. She if super friendly and loves people. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives!” Ami definitely deserves a little recognition for all of her hard work and dedication to family and our community. Create some art today, in honor of Ami!

May 18, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 18, 2020 is Cheri Nicolopoulos! Cheri, the owner of Nic’s Barbershop, is a great supporter of our Mukilteo Police Department and is always willing to help with any form of outreach. She is always giving to those less fortunate, and has a heart-warming and positive “Nic’s Selfie of the Day” on their Instagram- even while they are staying home! And, let’s not forget her amazing wit and laughter while sitting in her chair- making all customers feel as though they are at home with a long lost friend!

May 15, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 15, 2020 is Nicole Bain! She started the Adopt a High School Senior Facebook page. Approximately 120 seniors in the Mukilteo School District have been “adopted” to support and surprise for the next month. She was reluctant to lead the way because of her busy job as a child psychologist and a mom to three, but she saw the need and stepped up. It has been a huge hit– the stories and community support have been amazing! Check out the link and adopt a high school graduate, or post your own kid!

May 14, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 14, 2020 is Nicole Thomsen! Nicole is one of our Planning Commissioners, where she does great work analyzing policy and providing feedback to the City. Her day job is at the Snohomish Health District! She’s been at drive-thru testing centers and helping other efforts at the Health District, keeping us all safe. Thanks to Nicole for her work!

May 13, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 13, 2020 is Paul Archipley! Paul is the publisher of the Mukilteo Beacon. Local journalism is an important part of a vibrant community. The Mukilteo Beacon first came off the presses in 1986 as an independent, locally owned and operated newspaper dedicated to providing the most comprehensive coverage available of local news, youth sports, opinion and features – both in print and online. Paul was named Snohomish County’s Entrepreneur of the Year by the Herald Business Journal (2013), and was presented the Miles Turnbull Editor/Publisher Award, the Washington Newspaper Publisher’s Association’s highest honor for editors and publishers (2018). The Beacon is down to two printed issues a week during this time, but their online articles are still going strong, and a great community resource. They have a new issue out today!

May 12, 2020

The Mukiltean of May 12, 2020 is Carolyn (Dode) Carlson! Dode is the current Mukilteo Seniors Association President and she is working hard with our recreation staff to create connections with our senior community. Dode is always positive, sees the bright side even in these tough times, and cares so much for everyone she meets. Call your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, or your other favorite senior in honor of Dode today!

May 11, 2020

This is National Police Week, so give a wave if you see our officers in town. In honor of that, our Mukilteans of May 11, 2020 are our police staff! Our crime prevention division is doing great work to keep our spirits up (literally, with our Spirit Weeks!), and our patrol officers, sergeants, corporals and detectives are keeping an eye on our safety and responding to calls throughout our community. They remind us to stay apart, they find time to drive by front yard birthday parties, they mediate and assist families in crisis, they track down individuals breaking the law, and they keep an eye on this City when we are all asleep. Let’s all share our thanks for our police this week and always.

May 8, 2020

Our Mukilteans of May 8, 2020 are our teachers! I have more stories to share about great teachers, as nominated by parents and students.

Ms You…3rd grade teacher at Columbia!!!!! Parents say she’s “One of the best! We we’re lucky to have her 2 years in a row when she moved up from 2nd to 3rd.”

Mrs. Michelle Soelling. She has taught for many years at multiple Mukilteo Elementary Schools, and is currently at Picnic Point. She really gets to know her students and pushes them to do their best. She is now the reading resource teacher and knows how to connect each child with the importance of reading. She is the absolute best!! A 5th grader says “she was the best because she always celebrated our hard work.”

Ms. Lili Nguyen! She was a brand new teacher last year and leads the 5th grade leadership team at Picnic Point. She has a way of connecting with each student and encourages active learning from each one. She also made leaning fun! Always encourages kindness!

A special shout out to our IEP teachers and special education specialists who are helping the parents who are in these programs learn how to do their best helping kids through these difficult times for education.

Both Mr. Singh, 4th grade, and Mrs Stewart, first grade, at Mukilteo Elementary have been absolutely amazing! Parents say, “We couldn’t have done this distance learning without them! They are very communicative very patient very kind and making sure the kids learn a lot as well as have fun. The zoom meetings have been very engaging and fun for the kids and they have learned so much!”

Mr. West, a Kamiak math teacher! Parent nomination said, “So amazing and my daughter never could follow math plus knows she has anxiety and depression and has reached out to her almost every day.”

Kali Dunton! She is a wonderful human being and AMAZING teacher. She also works hard for her follow teachers with the MEA.

Karen Rickey and JoAnn Tallmadge at Mukilteo Elementary are amazing! They have embraced their students pre- and post-COVID crisis. Their efforts and expertise do not go unnoticed. Parents are so thankful for them and so sad the year was cut short. These teachers have been pouring so much into their kids, and embracing this new way of learning.

At Columbia Elementary, Mrs. Lauryn Cho, former kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Carlsrud, 4th grade teacher and Mrs. Dixtie Dastis, 7th grade teacher at Harbour Pointe Middle School and Mrs. Izabela Lapinski: All of these teachers have made a big impact on student’s education. They have been beyond supportive and helpful.

Cory West, Georgia McClaskey, David Bishop, Crystal Stengle, Bill Stengle, Sarah Vitvitskiy, Katherine Abele, Charles Lewarne, Myola Shanholtzer, Scott McKinlay, Dan Mack, Anne Windsor, Shane Neighbors, Patricia Holt,
Diane Ham, Maureen Becker, Anita Harris, Stephen Shurtleff, Kimberly Jensen, Sean Monica, All Front and Back Office Staff and The Cafeteria Staff!! As parents shared, “They have gone above and beyond, always updating us with daily information, advocating for all students at school and outside of school. Our Teachers are some of the most unsung Hero’s we have, they have all gone above and beyond to see that each of their students are safe healthy and in the know with school work and their lives.”

This is Teacher Appreciation Week and we want to celebrate it in Mukilteo. Thank your teachers for being awesome!

May 7, 2020

Our Mukilteans of May 7, 2020 are more of our wonderful teachers! I have a few more stories to share about great teachers, as nominated by parents and students.

Ms. Dolan at Serene lake Elementary school is an amazing teacher. She was made to be a teacher! Her kindness and joy towards the children is contagious and you can tell she loves all her kiddos! My daughter says she’s very kind and makes learning fun!”

Mr. Bob Simon nominated by a parent who said, “He helped my son want to come to school every day during a very difficult and life changing circumstance. He was also his football coach this year and showed my son the potential he has as a leader. Because of Mr. Simon, my son’s confidence as a learner, athlete, and human has grown.”

Mrs. Becky Veenendaal, a 3rd grade teacher at Picnic Point Elementary! She has been so supportive, engaging, and fun for all her 3rd graders during this difficult time and before. She has done a great job adapting to the new online schooling, making sure the kids are not stressing but are still learning. She has made the transition not only easier on kids but on parents as well as she communicates multiple times a week with us all. Hands down the best!!!

Babby Skowrya at Kamiak – a true champion for her students.

Mrs Minegishi, Mrs Zugel and Mrs Pearlman at Harbour Pointe. They are quick to answer questions each day when kids need help on an assignment. They will even do a zoom meeting if needed. They have very structured online learning which makes it so much easier for many parents, especially ones still having to work.

Georgia McClaskey is not only an extraordinary teacher in special eduation, she’s also an amazing Kamiak Unified Coach!!

“Miss Lindsay Wolfe at Mukilteo Elementary has done a great job with teaching the kids how to navigate the online schooling; she’s really good about asking them every week if they have any feedback for her on how she can do a better job. And she also checks in with them on how they’re doing and gets them thinking.”

“Crystal Stengele at Kamiak. She is always providing information to parents, advocating for her students and making sure students and families are taken care of outside of school.”

Morgan Lee, Life Skills (special education) at Columbia Elementary- as one parent said, “the hardest job out there, but she does it with grace and LOVE.”

“Miss Drake is a steadfast example for her co workers to follow. She is tirelessly adjusting to online learning and is now preparing to delegate things out so that para-educators can help. Her main goal is and has always been student success. Miss Drake is a joy to work with and she is loved by her students.”

and, finally: “ALL teachers right now. They are all working above and beyond for our kids.”

This is Teacher Appreciation Week and we want to celebrate it in Mukilteo. Thank your teachers for being awesome!

May 6, 2020

Our Mukilteans of May 6, 2020 are our teachers! I have a few stories to share about great teachers, as nominated by parents and students.

“My son’s preschool teacher Anna Williams has been doing amazing things keeping the kids engaged!”

Ms. Reed at Fairmount is a really great teacher.”

Melissa Mawet, a third grade teacher at Columbia got several nominations! As parents said, “She’s wonderful, so kind, engaged, and amazing at keeping the kids enthusiastic and engaged. Let me know if you want more details. I’d be happy to say more nice things about her!” and, “She zoom calls her students every day!! She calls us on the phone and LOVES our kids.” Another parent said, “I think Mrs. Mawet has reached out to us almost daily since the school closure. She even had an individual 30 minute Zoom with my kiddo over her spring break. The kindness she has shown has brought me to tears many times. She is a gem!”

Mr. Lombardo at Fairmount Elementary: “He is my son’s 3rd grade teacher. He has been so amazing during this time and very encouraging to all the kids. Every assignment my son turns in, he makes sure to write him a little note after grading it about how great he’s doing and always has some encouraging words on how to improve for the next assignment. I’m very impressed with this man.”

Mr. Melby– “hands down! He’s been very supportive through this whole thing & before!” “My boys’ teachers at Columbia are amazing. Mr. Melby and Miss Fetherston. I couldn’t ask for better teachers for my boys during this distance leaning. They are so responsive and really focused on making sure the kids feel included and are always available for any correspondence from the parents and the kids. My boys love how the weekly Zoom meetings are more for fun than curriculum, it allows them to keep the relationships with their teacher and peers and know they are all experiencing this crazy time together!”

ECEAP (early childhood education) teachers are doing an amazing job with zoom lives with the children. One parent highlighted Mukilteo ECEAP teacher Anna Garcia as being absolutely amazing.

Elysia Perez at Northshore Christian Academy: “She’s a Mukilteo mom and an amazing kindergarten teacher.”

Some Serene Lake teachers, Mrs. Dolan and Ms. Ng and, finally: “ALL teachers right now. They are all working above and beyond for our kids.”

This is teacher appreciation week and we want to celebrate it in Mukilteo. You’ll see more teachers highlighted tomorrow! Take the time to email your kids’ teachers, or maybe search out a teacher you remember from school and contact them. Some of my favorites are somehow still at Kamiak, and their emails are easy to find!

May 5, 2020

Our Mukiltean of May 5, 2020 is Adrian Ramirez. Adrian is the owner of Red Cork Bistro (and Taqueria Puebla in Lynnwood). He is keeping his restaurant open and employees at work, and is connecting in unprecedented ways with our community! Red Cork’s social media accounts are always sharing support for other local businesses, #localsupportlocal as his posts say! Adrian is also a dedicated community volunteer with the Kiwanis and Chamber of Commerce. Adrian moved to Mukilteo at age 10 and has been in the restaurant business since he was 17, starting as a dishwasher at Harbour Pointe Golf Club. He became a line cook, and worked his way up into the role of Executive Chef, before he became the owner of the Red Cork in 2016. He is a Kamiak graduate and we are proud to have him still serving our hometown! As Adrian and the Red Cork say, locals support local- so spend some money at a local business today…. think about celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home!

May 4, 2020

Our Mukiltean of May 4, 2020 is Sally Joy. Sally is current, soon to be outgoing, President of the Assistance League of Everett (ALE). Sally has been a member of ALE since 1996. The Assistance League is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that promotes the well-being of the residents of Snohomish County by many philanthropic programs which gives to those in need, including Operation School Bell which clothes approximately 4000 Snohomish County students each year. It runs the upscale Thrift Shop located at 51st and Evergreen Way in Everett. ALE of Everett has over 300 members. Sally has led this organization with grace and dignity as President this past year as well as held many other leadership positions during her 24 years as a member. We’ve all been spring cleaning, let’s make sure to save those donations for another month or two and donate in honor of Sally!

May 1, 2020

Our Mukiltean of May 1, 2020 is Andrea Toth Nelson. Mrs. Toth Nelson came to the U.S. as a refugee from Hungary in the late 1980’s. She carved her own path through many personal challenges, and she never gave up. She worked three jobs, went to school at night, raised her children and now is a remarkable elementary teacher in the Mukilteo School District. She makes her home with her husband in Mukilteo. Thank you to Mrs. Toth Nelson for her contributions to our community!

April 30, 2020

Our Mukiltean of April 30, 2020 is Nivideta Kumar! I nominated Nivedita for a scholarship which is awarded statewide. She won that competition and was awarded $1500! She is among a half dozen students in our state to achieve this, and our third local student to receive this prestigious scholarship. As a member of the City’s Youth Advisory Committee, she worked on a mental health project, and was able to communicate her goals to the school district’s council members, which helped create a pathway for students to talk about mental health in our community. In preparation of that project, she also became QPR certified which is a method of suicide prevention used with people who are feeling depressed and hopeless. She says, “this is really important to me because I now have the power to save a life with the training I received.” Reach out to tell someone you love why you are proud of them and why they matter, in honor of Nivedita!

April 29, 2020

Our Mukiltean of April 29, 2020 is Dawn Anderson! Dawn is a small business owner, graphic designer, web designer, and offers creative solutions to other small businesses. I’m highlighting her because she has been a shining light during our emergency. Dawn jumped into build the “what’s open” restaurant pages on Discover Mukilteo, which grew over time to become another COVID resource focused on businesses and our community. She has continued to create resources behind the scenes and has been a big help to me. Support a small business or restaurant in honor of Dawn today!

April 28, 2020

Our Mukiltean of April 28, 2020 is Deb Bordsen. Deb is a longtime Mukiltean and the Chief Operating Officer at Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County. She is dedicated to their mission and brings her passion to her support of the organization. Connecting with the public, donors and fundraising, she always has a “yes, and” for her work. I’m proud to know Deb and proud to highlight her efforts! In honor of Deb, we hope you participated in their online auction and save their 24-hour help hotline (425-252-2873) to share with someone who might need it someday.

April 27, 2020

Our Mukilteans of April 27, 2020 are our school para-educators. The transition to remote learning protocols has nearly eliminated the day-to-day interactions between students and para-educators in the school district. The lack of student interaction has been difficult, but nevertheless para-educators are finding ways to contribute:

  • Working closely with teachers on the transition to virtual classrooms
  • Helping to create and distribute homework packets
  • Assisting teachers during virtual meetings with student families
  • Working on behalf of the district to find donors willing to help feed our districts children; even working with local supermarkets to donate grocery bags to help with food deliveries.
  • Stocking the shelves and getting food deliveries out to students in need.

Thank you to our school para-educators for their work!

April 26, 2020

Our Mukiltean of April 26, 2020 is Mary Jo Lynch, the office manager at The Everett Clinic at Harbour Pointe. She has been working 7 days a week, very long hours to guide the clinic and team through the COVID crisis. She works 12 plus hour days and has been on top of schedules, converting the clinic to a “COVID Clinic” and back to a non-COVID clinic to keep patients and staff safe. She has worked tirelessly to obtain and coordinate our PPE, coordinate schedules for the physicians and the staff and has kept up to date with the daily operating recommendations. Wash your hands and grab that mask when you leave the house, in honor of Mary Jo Lynch!

April 25, 2020

Our Mukiltean of April 25, 2020 is Pengtao Luo, owner of the Lotus Chinese Restaurant! A few weeks ago, Pengtao Luo posted on Nextdoor his appreciation for community support for his restaurant, and his family. He shared that although he didn’t know how to fully express his gratitude, he decided to prepare 100 masks to share with anyone in the community. He said, “I believe as long as we work together, we must overcome all the difficulties! Come on my friends!” He encouraged others to visit his restaurant, no need to order food, just come to pick up a mask. Lotus Chinese is still open Monday through Saturday for take-out. Support a local restaurant today by ordering lunch or dinner for take-out or delivery, in honor of Pengtao Luo and his family.

April 24, 2020

Our Mukiltean of April 24, 2020 is Dr. Alison Brynelson! Dr. Brynelson is our new Mukilteo School District superintendent. She started this job in January and has been thrust into this most unique experience of leading our schools in unprecedented times. She is working long hours daily and weekends to put together a comprehensive online program, set up distribution of food and computers to our students in need, keeping staff and students connected, working with teams of administrators, teachers, and parents to ensure that all are getting what they need during this pandemic. She jumped into a fire very shortly after starting her position!! Read a book (or read your kids a book) in honor of Dr. Brynelson today.

April 23, 2020

Our Mukiltean of April 23, 2020 is Kathleen Shaw! Kathleen is a tireless volunteer with the Community Cat Coalition of Mukilteo (CCC). CCC’s Mission is to enhance the lives of community (feral) cats by promoting spay and neuter and by providing training and mentorship in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). Normally, when not out saving cats and educating at countless fairs and markets, you can find Kathleen sewing the most beautifully soft blankets for her feline friends (and an occasional dog or two). But, now with the PPE shortage, her sewing machine is turning out decorative masks to help fill the need. So, if you see people out and about wearing a kitty mask, you can probably thank our hardworking neighbor Kathleen! Give your pets some extra love today in honor of Kathleen!

April 22, 2020

Our Mukiltean of April 22, 2020 is Koah Horn! Koah is on the front lines as a medical assistant at Providence in Mill Creek. She leaves not only her home each day, but also two wonderful kids. She is also a student studying nursing, committed to a future of taking care of others. She deserves recognition for all that she accomplishes in these difficult times! Let’s support Koah and stay home and healthy!

April 21, 2020

Our second group of Mukilteans of the Day are Katelynn, Olivia and Brandon! Not too long ago, they started hearing a howling sound in their neighborhood every night at 8pm, like clockwork. Katelynn, Olivia and Brandon thought it was funny and the three of them decided to howl back! It’s now turned into a nightly event they all look forward to. It only lasts a minute or so but the other neighbors howl and even cheer back. As their mom said, “It sounds silly but it’s making a tough situation a little easier and a little lighter. The kids are building a sense of community in our little area of Goat Trail Loop Rd. Every time I hear it I am reminded, “even if it feels that way right now, I’m not alone. We are all in this together.” Be like Katelynn, Olivia and Brandon, and find connections with your neighbors and create a new community feel!

April 20, 2020

Our first Mukiltean of the Day is Mark Shallow, for April 20, 2020. He is the team leader for his neighborhood’s Adopt a Street program. He has a habit of pausing his walks suddenly to run over to a piece of litter on the street or in the bushes. He doesn’t limit his efforts to his neighborhood, he also works to clean up the area near the Kamiak tennis courts! Follow Mark’s example and keep an eye out for trash! With all the eyes on the street, we should be able to keep our sidewalks and grass areas in good shape.


File: https://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020-Teacher-Appreciation-Week.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/executive/note-from-the-mayor/proclamations/2020-teacher-appreciation-week/
File: https://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020-Teacher-Appreciation-Week.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/executive/note-from-the-mayor/proclamations/2020-teacher-appreciation-week/

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