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Make Mukilteo is a community engagement website where people can connect, communicate and collaborate with community decision-makers and other residents on the future of our city.  With Make Mukilteo the City pursues its goal of generating authenticate public participation in city decision-making and providing a variety of meaningful opportunities to participate.

On Make Mukilteo, you’ll find simple questions and interactive surveys, along with open discussions where you can comment on the topic and offer your own ideas and solutions.  Make Mukilteo gives contributors a chance to share new ideas, support others’ ideas, expand upon existing ideas, and give feedback on initiatives.  It will allow our elected leaders to directly see for themselves how the public is reacting to a project or issue.

Make Mukilteo will be used to obtain feedback directly from residents on the interactive and easily accessible platform powered by mySidewalk.  It is a new and innovative method to engage people in an easy and convenient way.  Make Mukilteo will be used in addition to, and not as a replacement for, public workshops, open houses, community meetings, and public hearings.  By using all of the tools available we can ensure residents’ opinions are shared with decision makers.

It couldn’t be simpler to be a part of Make Mukilteo.  Simply click here to be routed to our new mySidewalk portal, then click on “Sign Up” in the upper right hand corner.  You will be prompted to provide your name, email address, and create a password.  When that’s done you will be all set to dive in and provide your valuable input.

Now is the time for residents to share their ideas, be heard and to make the City a better community through participation in Make Mukilteo.

Make Mukilteo is powered by mySidewalk, a website established by Socialmentum, LLC.  As such, registered users of Make Mukilteo agree to be and are bound by the Terms of Use set by Socialmentum and are subject to its privacy policy.  Go to https://mysidewalk.com/terms-of-use to find out more about Socialmentum’s Terms of Use and to https://mysidewalk.com/privacy-policy to find out more about their privacy policy.

We also encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to the City’s website to receive notifications about News, Events and updates to the site, including Make Mukilteo.  SUBSCRIBE option is just to the left of this page in the dark blue area.