Special Events: Small

When do I need a City of Mukilteo Small Special Event Permit?

  • Any event expecting less than 100 people
  • Want to reserve a specific area for a specific event on a set date and time (i.e., a wedding, family picnic, birthday party…)
  • Filming or photo shoots with a small crew (5 people or less)
  • Any event that has amplified sound, is bringing equipment into the facility or park other than tables and chairs, or is serving alcohol. Insurance and a Banquet Permit will be required if you are serving alcohol.

2023 Small Special Event Packet with fillable application




All or part of these elements may be required of your event. Upon review of your application, a check list will be given to you outlining any specific requirements for the event.

♦ Pre-Event Coordination: Please submit a completed event application and include any documentation received from City staff and other affected agencies.

♦ Insurance: Please see Exhibit “A” attached for insurance information.

♦ Alcohol: If you plan to serve or sell alcohol, please see Exhibit “B” attached for banquet permit and insurance information.

♦ Transportation/Parking Plan: If required, please provide a written plan for handling event parking for participants and spectators, and show any documentation pertaining to arrangements made with any transportation agencies such as Sound Transit, DOT and the City of Mukilteo that may be impacted by traffic reroutes and/or delays due to street closures. Documentation must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.  NOTE: If your event venue includes Lighthouse Park, your guests may need to pay for parking.

♦ Barricades, Traffic Control Devices, Portable Toilets, Garbage Receptacles and Removal: If required, you must provide documentation in the form of a work order or an invoice that these equipment needs/services have been arranged by the event organizer. The City of Mukilteo does not provide any equipment rentals or staff to place any equipment in event locations. These expenses are the responsibility of the event organizer.

♦ Security and Crowd Control: If required, any City requirements for uniformed public safety officers and/or other City staff will be determined by Recreation staff and must be arranged by the event organizer in advance. There is an additional cost and is the responsibility of the event organizer.


File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2023-Small-Special-Event-Packet-with-fillable-application.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/recreation/special-events/special-events-small/2023-small-special-event-packet-with-fillable-application/

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