Summer Camps

Skyhawks Sports Academy: NEW VIRTUAL CAMPS and CLASSES

COVID-19 Alert: Due to the current public health emergency all in-person camp programming prior to the week of July 27 has been canceled. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will be making determinations on camps in the coming weeks.

We understand this summer is going to look quite a bit different than we are used to.In response,we are using our expertise from the past 40 years in the youth sports industry to create safe, fun and skill-based virtual programs!Our professional and experienced staff will implement our tried and tested curriculum across our varied virtual offerings from soccer and basketball to PhysEd, Chess, STEM Sportsand even Esports!Our virtual camps are intended to compliment (not replace) our in-person camps and provide options for customers seeking additional opportunities to keep their kids active and learning.More information below!

  • All virtual camps and classes will be conducted through Zoom®. A Zoom®link will be sent to participants prior to a program’s start date.
  • A recording of each session will be available to participants if they are unable to attend a session.
  • A list of required equipment will be provided to participants prior to a program’s start date.

Virtual Soccer Skills | Ages 5-8 |$49

Whether you are looking to sharpen your skills or learn the game for the first time, Skyhawks virtual soccer camp is a great way to stay active and have fun with soccer. This fast-paced, engaging program provides the perfect mix of game-based exercises and skill practice to promote agility and improve fundamental soccer skills. Ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting movements are the focus and all activities are designed to be performed in the home or backyard. Stay active with Skyhawks soccer!
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 27th-31st9:00AM-10:00AM or
Aug 3rd-7th1:30PM-2:30PM or
Aug 17th-21st9:00-10:00AM or

Virtual Basketball Skills | Ages 5-8 |$49

This engaging, skill-based program is designed to keep kids active with a blend of basketball instruction and physical education. Presented by top Skyhawks coaches, boys and girls will improve several fundamental basketball skills including ball handling, dribbling, body positioning and shooting. Participants will come away with new ways to practice and excited for their next step in basketball. All activities are designed for the home with a goal of promoting a love for an active lifestyle!
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 20th-24th9:00AM-10:00AM or
July 27th-31st1:30PM-2:30PM or
Aug 10th-14th9:00AM-10:00AM or
Aug 17th-21st1:30PM-2:30PM or

PhysED Fun | Ages 5-9 |$49

Skyhawks is proud to present an engaging, game-based physical education program designed for the home. With passionate instructors at the program’s core, this class will offer children a wide variety of activities that involve loco motor, non-loco motor, manipulative skills and fitness development exercises. Our goal is to build self-confidence, create body awareness and inspire each participant with a passion for an active lifestyle.
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 20th-24th1:30PM-2:30PM or
Aug 3rd-7th9:00AM-10:00AM or
Aug 10th-14th1:30PM-2:30PM or

Mini-Hawk Active at Home | Ages 4-7 |$85

Adapting our award-winning Mini-Hawk program into a virtual camp format is an opportunity for Skyhawks to provide a positive, multi-sport introduction to children at home. Through exciting games and activities, campers explore balance, hand/eye coordination and skill development at their own pace. With a big focus on encouragement and fun, this program will promote physical fitness and early skill development in baseball, basketball and soccer.
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 20th-24th1:30PM-3:30PM
Aug 3rd-7th9:00AM-11:00AM
Aug 10th-14th10:30AM-12:30PM

STEM & Play: Multi-Sport | Ages 7-12| |$95

Skyhawks is excited to offer a module-based, virtual class that explores the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math behind the sports of Soccer and Basketball. Our expert instructors will tie each module back into the sport with skill instruction to instill curiosity and a passion for learning in each child. Subjects vary by sport, but include ball design, calculating distances and angles, velocity, acceleration and more! Skyhawks puts the Sports in STEM!
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 20th-24th9:00-11:00AM
Aug 3rd-7th10:30AM-12:30PM or 1:30PM-3:30PM
Aug 17th-21st9:00-11:00AM

Chess & PlayVirtual Camp| Ages 7-12 |$119

Engage your child with this unique program that bridges physical fitness with learning the game of chess! Featuring expert coaches from Chess4Life, instruction will build a solid foundation in young players–beginner to advanced–through fun lessons, practice play and tournament rounds. Skyhawks instructors will finish each session with engaging, game-based physical education activities designed to build self-confidence, create body awareness and inspire a passion for an active lifestyle. We are excited to bring chess and physical fitness together in one fun-filled camp to teach life skills through sports AND chess!
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 27th-31st11:00AM-1:30PM or 2:00PM-4:30PM
Aug 10th-14th9:00AM-11:30AM

Esports & PlayVirtual Camp| Ages 7-12 | Ages 7-12 |$119

It’s game time! This unique camp combines a high energy, game-based physical education program with a brand new, one-of-a-kind gaming experience. With our passionate instructors at the core, this program will engage your child in fun activities that develop the fundamental movement skills needed to play a wide variety of sports. As a free add-on, our partners at Nimbus Esports Academy will challenge your child’s mind with a skill-based Rocket League® program. Participants will work through customized drills, play in teams and compete in friendly competition. This exciting, new program promotes sportsmanship and teamwork in an immersive digital environment, while providing a positive outlet through physical activity. No game purchase necessary.
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 27th31st 9:00AM-11:30AM
Aug 17th-21st10:00AM-12:30PM or 1:30PM-4:00PM

Lego & Play Virtual Camp | Ages 7-12 | Ages 7-12 |$95

This engaging virtual offering covers many fields of engineering while also teaching kids about problem solving and creative thinking through the Engineering Design Process with Lego! Participants use their own Lego bricks at home to work on fun projects led by knowledgeable staff. Skyhawks instructors will finish each session with engaging, game-based physical education activities designed to build self-confidence, create body awareness and inspire a passion for an active lifestyle. STEM-based fun with Lego mixed with physical fitness make for a unique offering.
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 20th-24th 10:30AM-12:30PM
Aug 10th-14th1:30PM-3:30PM

HoopsterTots at Home |Ages 3-6 |5-Session, 45-Minute Class |$45

Learning basketball has never been more fun! This virtual HoopsterTots class brings our best games and lessons into your living room, ensuring an enriching and active experience for your child. Featuring our best instructors, kids will have a blast and parents will come away with some great new activities to play with the family. Expect a dynamic warm-up, stretching best practices, fun games and some life skills along the way.
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 21st - Aug 18th12:30PM-1:15PM

SoccerTots at Home |Ages 3-6 |5-Session, 45-Minute Class |$45

SoccerTots programs develop motor skills and self-confidence in a fun, engaging format. Skyhawks is excited to bring our best instructors together with our most popular games, to offer a unique at-home class that promotes the early development of soccer skills and a love for an active lifestyle. This fast-paced program will keep your child engaged with an imaginative warm-up and exciting activities that disguise learning and focus on fun!
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 23st - Aug 20th12:30PM-1:15PM

BaseballTots at Home | Ages 3-6 |5-Session, 45-Minute Class |$45

BaseballTots classes focus on fine and gross motor skills as well as body control. With lessons modified for participation in the home, top instructors teach baseball basics including throwing, catching and hitting. We are excited to help these little ones develop a love of the game! Children will experience an exciting program featuring dynamic warm-ups, stretching best practices, fun games and valuable life lessons along the way.
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 22nd - Aug 19th12:30PM-1:15PM

MultiSportTots at Home | Ages 3-6 |5-Session, 45-Minute Class |$45

Introduce your little superstar to sports with this virtual,multi-sport introduction to basketball and soccer! With age-appropriate games and activities modified for playing in the home, children explore balance, hand/eye coordination, fitness and early sports skill development. This fast-paced program will keep your child engaged with imaginative warm-ups and exciting activities that disguise learning and focus on fun!
Camp DatesTimes (PST)
July 25th - Aug 22ndSaturdays 9-9:45AM

Registering for a Class

It’s easy to register!  Click on this link to search for a class.  For more information, click on the live link of the class.  To register, follow the prompts.  Most classes have a fee to participate.