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Watershed-Based Stormwater Strategies Plan

Like most Puget Sound area cities, Mukilteo experiences unnaturally high peak stream flows, low summer flows and decreased water quality associated with increased levels of development, land clearing, infrastructure and impervious surfaces.  These factors lead to:

  • Increased rates of erosion in the gulches
  • Degradation of wildlife habitat
  • Harm to the health of Puget Sound

In 2012 the City of Mukilteo was awarded a grant to develop a Stormwater Strategies Plan and to conduct an outreach effort to provide the public with the information and tools to help combat increased erosion in gulches, degradation of wildlife habitat and deterioration of the the health of Puget Sound that are related to high stormwater flows

While the City of Mukilteo is responsible for managing surface and storm water private citizens can aid in the effort.  Just about every property owner can help by using Low Impact Development (LID) techniques which include rain gardens, bioswales, rain barrels and more.  LID reduces the impact of development and promotes the natural movement of water and thus help protect a watershed’s hydrologic and ecological functions. LID attempts to mimic and work with nature by capturing surface water over a small area as close to its source as possible and facilitating its infiltration into the ground.

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