LID Projects in Mukilteo

You can find examples of several types of LID projects throughout the city. The parking lot at Mukilteo City Hall is made of pervious concrete and there is a rain garden in the center of the lot.  Also the roof above the City Council Chambers is a green vegetated roof.  You can see photos of the City Hall and other LID projects in the City in the photo gallery below. Place your cursor over the picture for a caption about the location to pop up.

At Rosehill Community Center, there is a rain garden in the center of its parking lot and another rain garden below the community center.

At Columbia Elementary School, a rain garden was installed and maintained with the assistance of the PTA,  Snohomish Conservation District and local Mukilteo Girl Scout Troops.

At Lighthouse Park, a vegetated swale helps clean surface run off from the parking lot.


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