Mukilteo Watersheds

The Surface Water Utility has completed extensive studies to gain better understanding of our watersheds and surface water resources.  These help to provide direction and plan for the future.

Watershed-based Stormwater Strategies Plan

The Watershed-based Stormwater Strategies Plan analyzed the watersheds within the city and the surrounding area.  The methodology was a refinement of the Washington State Department of Ecology’s “Puget Sound Characterization” (Stanley et al. 2011) which established a framework to evaluate watershed processes.  Through this evaluation, recommendations were made for preservation, retrofits, and other stormwater management methods.  The recommendations were prioritized based on the evaluation of the watershed processes.  This Plan identified the Picnic Point Ravine, Big Gulch North, and Big Gulch South sub-basins as high priorities for stormwater retrofits as compared to other sub-basins within the study area.

Stormwater Retrofit Plan

In 2014 the City continued the work of the Watershed-based Stormwater Strategies Plan and developed a Stormwater Retrofit Plan.   This work was funded through a grant from the National Estuary Program  (NEP) Watershed Protection and Restoration Grant Program.

Mukilteo’s Stormwater Network

Easy-to-read map of the City’s streams, wetlands and watersheds.