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Harbour Reach Corridor Project

About the Project

Harbour Reach Corridor Project will construct a new urban arterial connecting Beverly Park Road to Harbour Pt Blvd SW and will modify the existing Harbour Reach Drive between Harbour Pt Blvd SW and Harbour Pt Blvd North to include bike facilities and intersection improvements.  The completed roadway will generally consist of one northbound lane and one southbound lane with bicycle lanes, landscape, and sidewalks on both sides. Roundabouts will be evaluated at the intersections of South Road, Harbour Pt Blvd SW, and Harbour Pt Blvd North.

From south to north, the project will consist of two main segments:

  • The first segment begins at the intersection with Beverly Park Road and 132nd Street SW and ends at Harbour Pt Blvd SW.

Beverly Park Rd to Harbour Pt Blvd SW

South Segment – Design Elements

  • The second segment consists of the existing Harbour Reach Drive between Harbour Pt Blvd SW and Harbour Pt Blvd North. This segment of street will be modified to include bike facilities and intersection improvements at Chennault Beach Drive and Harbour Pt Blvd North.  This segment will be constructed if additional funding is secured.

Harbour Pt Blvd SW and Harbour Pt Blvd N

North Segment – Design Elements

Goals and Benefits

Congested State Route 525 is currently the only north-south connection from the southern City limits to SR 526.  The project will add an alternate north-south route, provide increased capacity for vehicles traveling north-south through the City, and significantly improve City’s emergency response times to the south portion of the City.  Another major benefit of the project is the addition of a multimodal connection through the community by providing pedestrian and bicycle facilities, streetscape standards, and traffic calming methods.  Local students attending nearby Schools, patrons of the Harbour Pointe Golf Club and users of the Mukilteo Speedway will experience improvements in bicycle and pedestrian safety and mobility.

Upcoming Meetings

During Phase I (Preliminary Design), the project team used the feedback from the Community Workshop held in October, 2016, to shape the design of the corridor.  Phase II (Final Design) will begin with a follow-up Community Open House, scheduled to be held October 11th, 2017, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Public Outreach

The City of Mukilteo is excited to work with the community during the design of the Harbour Reach Corridor Project. The City’s goal is for the final design of the roadway to reflect community priorities and feedback. The City will seek feedback at major project milestones, and keep the community informed as design progresses. Early in the design process, feedback was gathered from City Council, community groups, and the public in order to shape the vision for the design. As design progresses, the City will ask for feedback on some of the specific design components and details, such as lighting, landscaping, sidewalk design and more. We look forward to hearing your input!

Project Schedule

In Summer 2016, the City of Mukilteo started Phase I design of Harbour Reach Corridor Project.  The preliminary design effort was completed in June 2017, with final design expected to be completed in May 2018.  The Construction phase is planned to begin in Fall 2018.


Project Funding

The total project budget is $16.1M and consists of $15.1M of State Connecting Washington Funds and $1M of City traffic mitigation impact fees.  The City will be applying for an additional $2.8M in grants to help fund the construction of the north segment from Harbour Pt Blvd SW to Harbour Pt Blvd. North.


Boeing dedicates South Road to the City of Mukilteo, 1990s

City completes Harbour Reach Extension Route Study, 2005

Harbour Reach included in Transportation Plan and TIP, 2009

City purchases right-of-way for future project, 2012

City updates transportation model and confirms need for extension, 2015

City receives CWA $15.1 Funding, 2015

BTW (By the Way) Open House & online survey-Introduce HRDE Roadway Alternatives, 2/16 (HRDE Roadway Preferred Concept); (online survey results 8/19/16)

Preliminary Design, 07/16 to 07/17

Public Open House No. 1, 10/12/16 (public-open-house_poster_11x17; 161012-mukilteo-powerpoint-presentation)

Council Briefing No. 1, 01/09/17

Public Open House No. 2, October 11, 2017, from 6:00p – 8:00p

Final Design, 09/17 to 05/18

Construction, 2018 – 2020


Staff Contact

HRCP@mukilteowa.gov, (425) 263-8170