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Police Department Annual Reports

The Mukilteo Police Department’s 2016 Annual Report is the first year-end report presented to the Mayor, City Council and residents from Police Chief Cheol Kang, who was appointed Chief on January 3, 2017. “It is an honor to lead this fine group of professionals at the Mukilteo Police Department,” said Chief Kang.  “Our staff remained steadfast while dealing with the physical and emotional impacts also felt by the community after the Chennault Beach Shooting.  The success of this organization is a reflection of the great partnership we have forged with our community.”

Other highlights of 2016 include

  • Crime trend analysis shows a 32% reduction in property crimes
  • Implementation of the online LexisNexis Community Crime Map for residents to look up crime statistics in their neighborhood
  • Officer Andy Illyn was awarded the Snohomish County Officer of the Year for his great work with “Target Zero Teams (TZT) DUI/Traffic Task Force”

We are pleased to share the full 2016 Police Department Annual Report.

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File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016-Year-End-Report.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/police/police-department-annual-reports/2016-year-end-report/
File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2015-Annual-Report-2.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/police/police-department-annual-reports/2015-annual-report-3/
File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2014-Year-End-Report.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/police/police-department-annual-reports/2014-year-end-report/
File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2013-Year-End-Report.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/police/police-department-annual-reports/2013-year-end-report/
File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2012-annual-report.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/police/police-department-annual-reports/2012-annual-report/
File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2011-Annual-Report.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/police/police-department-annual-reports/2011-annual-report/
File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2010-annual-report.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/police/police-department-annual-reports/2010-annual-report/