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Mukilteo Police Department Benefits


Under the existing salary plan governed by Union contract, the City provides for a regular progression of salary increases.  Lateral police officers will be placed into the pay schedule that commensurate with their qualifications.  Under the current bargaining agreement, salaries range from $5,868 to $7,578 per month for Officers (2021) and $6,017 to $7,769 per month for Officers (2022).  Officers also earn extra pay for education and retention bonuses.  Various specialty assignments earn an additional 5%.

Until further notice, qualifying lateral officers receive a $15,000 hiring bonus!!!


Specialties include: Detectives, Student Resource Officers, Training Officers, Traffic Officers, SWAT Officers, US Marshals: Violent Offender Task Force (VOTF) Officers, Crime Prevention/Community Services Officers.


Officers from the department receive continuing training.  On average, Officers receive 80 hours of continuing training per year.

Education Bonus

The City provides education incentives for officers with Associates (2%) or Bachelors (4%) degrees.  The City also has tuition reimbursement for Officers working towards a college degree in approved fields of study.

Retention Bonus and Incentives

Completion of year 5 of employment:  2% of monthly salary

Completion of year 10 of employment: 4% of monthly salary

Completion of year 15 of employment: 6% of monthly salary

Completion of year 20 of employment: 8% of monthly salary

Officers are permitted to work out on duty at City owned gyms (inside the department and Rosehill Community Center).

Insurance and Retirement

Medical, dental and vision coverage is provided at 100% for the employee and at 90% for eligible dependents. Life insurance coverage is also provided for employees. The city contributes $87 dollars a month towards the employee’s preferred IRS-sanctioned, 457 tax-advantaged employee retirement plan.

Paid Leave

Currently employees receive 8 hours of sick leave per month and 12 paid holidays.  Vacation leaves ranges from 108 hours for 1-5 years of service to 198 hours for 21 or more years of service.  Paid time off is also given for such things as bereavement leave.


The City issues required uniforms, clothing and equipment/gear on the quartermaster system. Both traditional two piece uniforms and jumpsuits are approved for wear on patrol. Officers also have their choice of an inner ballistic vest or outer carrier vest system. Uniform cleaning is provided and administrative positions such as detectives receive a clothing allowance.




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