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Gun Safety Class Scholarship Program


The Mukilteo Police department is pleased to partner with West Coast Armory North to provide Mukilteo residents the opportunity to attend an Introduction to Handguns and Firearms Safety class at West Coast Armory North free of charge.

To apply, scroll to the bottom of this page. Or you can apply in person at the Mukilteo Police Department.               

Introduction to Handguns and Firearms Safety

This four-hour, entry-level course is designed for prospective gun owners and those who want an overview of modern defensive handguns. The course starts with a thorough presentation on firearm safety and safe gun-handling skills.

Finally, after a presentation covering basic handgun marksmanship fundamentals, you will be able to shoot a sampling of the handguns you are most interested in.

If you are preparing to purchase a handgun or want to increase your general knowledge of all things pistol, this course will give you the information you need.

All safety equipment as well as handguns and ammunition of various types and calibers will be provided by the range.

Note: This course includes live fire of handguns on the range. Appropriate attire for the range includes long pants and closed-toe shoes. During cooler months you may want a light jacket on the range.

At the completion of this course you will receive a free Bronze Membership to West Coast Armory.

If you have any questions please email scholarship@mukilteowa.gov

Cost: Covered by the Scholarship


1) A high-neck or closed-neck shirt or top is recommended to minimize the chance of ejected brass finding its way inside your clothing.

2) Closed-toe shoes are required.

3) A brimmed hat (i.e. baseball cap) is recommended.

4) During the winter months please bring a jacket or coat as the temperature in the shooting bay may be somewhat cool.


1) All participants must be U.S. Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents, age 13 or older.

2) Anyone under 21 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian enroll in, and attend the course with them.

3) Women who are pregnant are prohibited from participating in our shooting programs as the noise and possible lead exposure may be hazardous to the baby’s health.

4) Applicants must be a City of Mukilteo resident to participate in the program.


The undersigned understands that pursuant to qualifying for the Firearm Safety Scholarship Program, the applicant affirms that they are a legal US citizen or permanent resident.  They have not been Convicted of a Felony or had their rights to own or possess a firearm revoked by any state or they have had said rights reinstated under the laws of the state in which they were revoked.  They also Affirm that they have not been adjudicated as mentally defective, have been committed to a mental institution, or have a history of mental illness or severe depression.  They affirm that they are legally able to possess a firearm and in no way are limited in this ability.


Gun Safety Scholarship Program Application

Please complete this online form to be considered for the Gun Safety Scholarship Program Application. By signing this form, you authorize the Mukilteo Police Department and its agents to conduct a review of this application for the purpose of confirming that you are of good character. You also release the City of Mukilteo from any liability which may arise out of the background investigation and recommendations, including liability from negative recommendation based on erroneous information.


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