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Community Service Officers

The Mukilteo Police Department Community Services Division consists of two Park Rangers, an Animal Control Officer, a School Resource Officer, and a Crime Prevention Officer, all of which are supervised by the Community Services Sergeant. The division is responsible for handling calls for service in our parks, schools, and assists the department with our robust community engagement programs.



Community Service Officer – Animal Control

The City of Mukilteo contracts with the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to provide sheltering services. Statistics from PAWS shows a marked difference between the numbers of cats and dogs coming into the shelter. The number of cats taken to the shelter is significantly higher than the number of dogs. An increase in the number of dogs having ID tags or microchips enables the return of more dogs to their owners instead of impounding them.

Sighting Coyotes in Mukilteo

Many people are concerned about their animals being targeted by coyotes, and that there is an increase in the number of reported sightings.  During this time of the year, both adults and adolescent pups are exploring further from the den, leading to more sightings. Females tend to make their dens under fallen trees or digging out dirt to settle in. If you live near one of the gulches, wetlands or large numbers of trees, it is likely that coyotes have made their home near you. We have researched more about coyotes in our area if you would like to read more.

Animal Neglect

Failure of the owner or custodian of any animal to provide adequate food, water, shelter, opportunity for exercise, socialization, grooming and veterinarian care constitutes a violation of this ordinance.  Any intentional act of cruelty such as abandonment, harassment, neglect, dog fighting, cock fighting or torture is also prohibited.  Additionally, it is against the city ordinance to transport any animal in an open truck bed in such a manner as to permit the animal to jump or be thrown from the vehicle.  Animal control investigates all complaints of animal neglect or cruelty.

Barking Dogs

It shall be unlawful for any owner or custodian of an animal to allow that animal to create a disturbance by loud, persistent, or habitual barking, howling, yelping or other unreasonable noise.  If possible, we encourage you to contact your neighbor and try to work it out on the neighborhood level first before filing a complaint.  Although this is not required it can be an effective way of resolving the issue and opening up direct communication with your neighbor.   Animal Control responds to barking dog complaints.  To report a barking dog please call 911.

Dog Licenses

The Mukilteo Police Department now issues lifetime dog licenses.  Proof of current rabies vaccinations and, if applicable, proof of spay or neutering must be presented with the application.  The fee for a spayed or neutered dog is $40, and $80 for an unaltered dog. You are encouraged to update your contact information with us to help keep your dogs safe. For additional information, please contact the Support Services Division at 425.263.8100. DOG LICENSE APPLICATION

Animal Control strongly recommends that pet owners have their pets micro-chipped.  Animal Control scans lost/found/stray dogs for microchips. Usually dogs are reunited with their owners prior to being taken to the shelter.

Rabies and Animal Bites Reporting Procedures

Mukilteo is the home of many species of wildlife (bats, skunks, Opossum, racoons, etc.) known to transmit rabies to pets and people.  It is required that all dogs be vaccinated at 4 months of age.  While not required, it is recommended that cats be vaccinated against rabies as well.  Keep the rabies certificate as proof of current vaccination for licensing and proof of ownership.  Washington law requires all animal bites that break the skin be reported to the Animal Control office in the jurisdiction where the bite occurred.  The animal must be quarantined for a 10 day period, and an Animal Control officer must complete a report.  The location of quarantine for an animal that has bitten is at the discretion of the Animal Control officer.  In most cases, pets can be confined at home for the 10 day period, but if necessary will be required to be taken to the shelter or another secure location (veterinary clinic).  To report an animal bite, call 9-1-1.


Park Rangers are a valuable resource for our parks. They enhance the safety and quality of life in Mukilteo parks through a uniformed presence while providing respectful, professional assistance and quality customer service to all park users. The primary function of Park Rangers is to support positive use of public parks by seeking voluntary compliance with laws, municipal codes and park rules. In addition, Rangers contribute to public safety and well-being by providing community service through outreach and education. If needed, Park Rangers can issue warnings, citations and parking infractions. While our Park Rangers actively support the Mukilteo Police Department, they have a limited commission of authority and are not sworn law enforcement officers. Call 9-1-1 for Police or Fire response when there is a public safety emergency.


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