Frequently Asked Questions

Is Japanese Gulch Park primarily in the City of Everett?  Do we have the ability to create a plan for this area?
A large portion of Japanese Gulch Park is within the City of Everett. The City of Mukilteo and the City of Everett are working through the process of annexation which takes time.   The City of Everett is aware of the City of Mukilteo’s process of drafting this master plan.

How long will this Master Plan Process take?
The Master Planning process is a holistic and comprehensive process that includes many phases of public outreach.  Because of the depth of material, size of area, and complexities of park planning, this Master Plan will take until approximately October 2015 for adoption by City Council.

What type of Public Outreach will the City of Mukilteo do?
The City of Mukilteo wants to ensure that the public is informed, involved, and empowered in the decision making process of developing the Japanese Gulch Park Master Plan. Preliminary outreach efforts have already occurred in tandem with the City of Mukilteo’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan (Link to This preliminary outreach allowed additional community engagement to occur between the Planning Staff and general public at the Mukilteo Farmers’ Market, National Night-Out, Touch-A-Truck, and other events.
The City of Mukilteo and Barker Landscape will be conducting additional outreach events and open houses.  Check the Japanese Gulch Park Master Plan Website for updates on open houses and public meetings.  These events will be advertised, however, if you would like to be a person of interest and receive an email regarding upcoming events, please email Karl Almgren.

What type of uses will be permitted in Japanese Gulch Park?
The City of Mukilteo purchased the land that makes up Japanese Gulch Park in phases as money was available over a period of 20 years.  The last 98 acres that was purchased was done in conjunction with a Snohomish County Conservation Futures Grant.  These grant funds are tied to conservation of the land, thus, there is a conservation easement on these 98 acres.   The conservation easement restricts the types of uses to passive which are defined as walking/running/ hiking trails, mountain biking trails, a playground, and play fields (not sports fields).The other approximately 42 acres that make up Japanese Gulch Park do not have the passive use restriction on them; therefore these remaining 42 acres may allow active and passive uses on them.

What will the Master Plan do once it is adopted by City Council?
The Master Plan acts as a guiding vision for the implementation of how the park will be developed.  It will also help identify where volunteer projects can take place and identify specific items that are open for donations.Both Lighthouse Park and 92nd Street Park went through a Master Planning process to create a long term vision for the parks. With large park areas such as Japanese Gulch Park, the timeline for implementation of the Master Plan will vary depending on volunteer groups, funding, and grants.

Japanese Gulch has some of my favorite trails, will they change?
Japanese Gulch Park has a significant number of trails, and currently some of the trails cut through wetland buffers or Native Growth Protection Areas (NGPAs).  As the Master Plan progresses through to the design phase, some trails may be located in areas that become identified as areas needed to preserve the environment of the Gulch and will either need to be eliminated or re-routed.  Another factor that will be taken into consideration is public safety.   Some trails may be identified as needing improvements, such as improved drainage, increased width, and possibly boardwalks.

How can I help?
The Master Planning process always benefits from input from residents, park users, and future park users.  Please stay informed on the development of the Master Plan.  We encourage as many residents as possible to attend the open house events as well as the public meetings.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  If you would like to be added as a party of interest, please email Karl Almgren.

How do I stay informed of the process?
There are two easy ways to stay informed about what is going on with the Japanese Gulch Park Master Plan process.

  • Email Karl Almgren ( and ask to be added to the Japanese Gulch Park Master Plan interested parties list.  You will be emailed about the upcoming meetings and events.
  • Check the website for all the latest meeting dates, any new maps, meeting minutes and any other news.