Comprehensive Plan

The Mukilteo Comprehensive Plan (2015-2035)

The Mukilteo City Council adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan on October 5, 2015 (amended February 1, 2021, and June 4, 2018). This update meets the Growth Management Act requirement to update plans at least every 8 years.

Work on the update began with a strategic vision of what Mukilteo’s guiding land use document should look like, including an extensive outreach effort in the community. Staff, Planning Commission, and Council strived to ensure the document represents Mukilteo’s values.

The next major periodic Comprehensive Plan update is due in June 2024.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments – Annual Docket Process

Mukilteo Comprehensive Plan Cover

Each year, the City of Mukilteo reviews its Comprehensive Plan to determine if updates are needed or desired. Residents and other interested parties have the opportunity as part of this process to propose amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations (e.g. zoning code, critical areas code). This process is referred to as “docketing,” and provides the opportunity to get involved in the long-term planning of the City.

The annual docket process is typically opened at the end of the calendar year and extends into the beginning of the following year. The 2021 Docket application process is now closed, and the 2022 Docket will be advertised later in 2021 / early 2022. Please check this web page for notices on when the 2022 Docket is open for applications.

The docket process ensures everyone has the opportunity to be involved in planning and shaping the City. The docket process is as follows:

  • The annual docket process is open to the public. Docket applications submitted at no cost during the application period constitute the “Preliminary” docket.
  • Following the close of the application period, City Council holds a public hearing to review the “Preliminary” docket proposals.
  • After holding the hearing and considering public testimony, City Council then decides which applications will be placed on the “Final” docket. Placement on the “Final” docket is not approval of the application but means that the proposal merits further evaluation.
  • Applicants whose proposals are placed on the “Final” docket by City Council may then submit a formal application with any applicable fees.
  • “Final” docket applications are then reviewed by city staff and the Mukilteo Planning Commission.
  • The Planning Commission holds a public hearing on the “Final” docket applications, considers public testimony, and makes a recommendation to City Council whether the docket request(s) should or should not be approved.
  • City Council holds a public hearing and makes a final decision on whether the request(s) on the “Final” docket are or are not approved.

This process can take a year or more to complete, depending on the number and complexity of the “Final” docket requests.

If you have questions, please contact Senior Planner Linda Ritter by email or by phone at (425) 263-8043.

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