Code Compliance

The Planning Department handles all complaints of potential code violations.  Planners investigate complaints and enforce the Code first through a voluntary compliance process.  If a resolution cannot be sought in this manner, the City may begin formal civil and/or criminal enforcement proceedings.

To report a suspected violation, please call 425-263-8050 or fill out the form below and submit to the City.

How do I file a complaint? It is the City’s policy to investigate complaints. You may submit a written letter, complete a Complaint Form, or contact the Planning Department by phone or in person. Complaint forms are available on the City’s website, and at City Hall or through the mail upon request. Please provide accurate and specific information so that a complete investigation may be conducted.

Will my name be released? Under Chapter 42.1.320 R.C.W., the Public Disclosure Law, you, the complainant, may indicate preference for confidentiality. A “Request for Records Form” is required for any public inquiry of records from the Community Development Department. It is the policy of the Department to black out any information related to the identity of a complainant who has requested confidentiality. If the case is filed in court, your name must be disclosed if you are to be a witness.

Who will respond to my complaint? The Planning Department responds to complaints regarding alleged violations of building, land use (zoning); sign and business licensing codes; health and safety codes; graffiti; junk/nuisance vehicles; street and sidewalk codes; drainage and engineering codes. Processing your complaint After your complaint is filed, appropriate City staff will investigate your complaint. Investigations may include site inspections, review of applicable code regulations, and research of property file information.

Appeal process: Any code enforcement determination issued by the Planning Department may be appealed within twenty-one (21) calendar days of receipt of the decision by submitting a written appeal accompanied with the applicable appeal fee. The appeal will be scheduled for the next available Board of Adjustment meeting which is typically held the first Wednesday of each month. Any decision of the Board of Adjustment may be appealed to Snohomish County Superior Court within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the Board’s written decision.

Complaint Form