Neighborhood Services & Tree Preservation

The Planning & Community Development Department provides a wide range of resources for our residents. In addition to permit review, long range planning, and economic development, the staff also provides support  in code enforcement and tree preservation. Please use the links on the left to guide to Code Compliance, and Tree Preservation.

Code Compliance:

The Planning Department handles all complaints of potential code violations.  Planners investigate complaints and enforce the Code first through a voluntary compliance process.  If a resolution cannot be sought in this manner, the City may begin formal civil and/or criminal enforcement proceedings. To learn more, please see the Code Compliance webpage.

Tree Preservation:

The Planning Department monitors the removal of trees throughout the City including steep slopes, wetlands, and private property. Planners investigate concerns regarding the tree health and can provide some resources regarding removal and trimming of trees. Please see the Tree Preservation webpage regarding trees as well as trees planted near power lines.


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