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Project Updates –
**September 6, 2017 – This land use permit is considered lapsed for failure to submit the necessary information in a timely manner and the file is now closed**

June 8, 2016 – Pacific Seafood has made modifications to its proposed building and site plan such that the building will be able to meet existing maximum height limitations and minimum setbacks.  Thus, they believe a development agreement is no longer necessary so Pacific Seafood has withdrawn its application for a development agreement.  However, the overall all project is still active.  When revised plans are submitted to the City they will be posted here and this page will be updated.

September 20, 2016 – Pacific Seafood has resubmitted revised plans located below:

October 14, 2016 – Pacific Seafood has resubmitted a revised landscape plan:

Development Proposal

Pacific Seafood has applied for a Land Use Development Permit to construct an 85,550-square-foot facility on a 5-acre site located at 8007 – 44th Avenue W.  The facility will be primarily comprised of cold storage areas but will also include office space.  The facility will including a loading dock with 15 bays and a parking lot for 160 cars with an additional 28 stalls for their refrigerated box deliver trucks.  The project will also include construction of street frontage improvements, landscaping, and stormwater facilities.  The land is designated for industrial uses by the City of Mukilteo Comprehensive Plan and is zoned PI (Planned Industrial).  The Pacific Seafood operations are considered to be light manufacturing which is a use permitted outright in the PI zone.

Pacific Seafood is proposing a building that will be 42 feet high.  The maximum building height allowed in the PI zone is 35 feet.  Therefore, Pacific Seafood has applied for a Development Agreement whereby the maximum building height limit can be increased to 42 feet.  With a Development Agreement the City can (and will) require extra development standards beyond what the City’s development regulations provide for.  While a draft Development Agreement has not been completed yet it will include extra conditions designed to soften the impact of the proposed facility on the residential area across the street.  Those conditions will likely include additional landscaping, lighting limitation, dedication of 10 feet of right-of-way, extra street improvements, and more.  When a draft agreement is completed it will be posted here.

Public Comments Still Accepted

While the formal comment period has ended comments are still be accepted.  To comment, send an email to Linda Ritter, Senior Planner.

Permits/Approvals Needed

Before construction can start on the project the following must occur:

  • A Land Use Development Permit must be approved administratively by City staff to ensure conformance to all zoning and development regulations.  A Land Use Development Permit could be approved even if the City Council denies the Development Agreement.  In that case, Pacific Seafood would have to modify their proposal so the building does not exceed 35 feet.  That also means the City could not require the additional development standards that the Development Agreement would impose.
  • A Engineering Permit must be approved administratively to ensure conformance with storm drainage, grading, and street requirements.
  • A Building Permit must be issued to ensure conformance with International Building Code requirements.  Pacific Seafood has not yet applied for a Building Permit.

Documents Submitted

With its applications, Pacific Seafood has submitted the following documents.   All submittals are public records and can be viewed at City Hall:

Semi-Truck Traffic

Based on the average number of truck deliveries over 16 weeks from September through December 2015 Pacific Seafood provided the following estimates of semi-truck traffic on 44th Avenue W. that their facility will generate.

Per week there are an average of 41 semi-truck incoming deliveries, all of which occur 5 a.m. – 2 p.m. with the bulk of the deliveries occurring before noon.  It takes approximately 30 minutes to unload a semi-truck meaning the semi-trucks depart less than an hour after arrival.

  • There are an average of 6.4 semi-truck deliveries per day Monday through Friday (total of 32.2)
  • There are an average of 4.6 semi-truck deliveries per day on the weekend (total of 9.1)

Pacific Seafood also has 3 semi-trucks of their own which they use to make deliveries to their larger customers.

  • Two of them make a daily delivery Monday-Friday leaving at 2:30 a.m. and returning between 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
  • The third semi makes a delivery Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday leaving at 11:00 p.m. and returning at noon the next day.


  • Monday-Friday Pacific Seafood operations will add about 17 semi-trucks (a semi that arrives unloads and departs on the same day is counted as two trucks) to 44th Avenue W. traffic on an average day.  Of those, over 90% of them will be on the street between 5 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • On weekends Pacific Seafood operations will add about 11 semi-trucks to 44th Avenue W. traffic on an average weekend day.

Video of Semi-Truck Movements Provided by the Applicant