Department Information

The Department of Planning & Community Development is an integration of services that work in partnership with residents, businesses, and other jurisdictional agencies to preserve the quality of life in Mukilteo neighborhoods while providing comprehensive planning for the City’s future growth and development.

Planning & Community Development

Planning & Community Development Staff

Love, PatriciaCommunity Development Director425-263-8041email
Osaki, David (AICP)Planning Manager425-263-8042email
Ritter, LindaSenior Planner425-263-8043email
Almgren, Karl (AICP)Associate Planner425-263-8045email
Jensen, GarrettAssistant Planner425-263-8046email
Milner, Jacob (GISP)GIS/CAD Coordinator 425-263-8048email
Entinger, MattGIS Technician425-263-8049email
Gossett, Shawna (CPT)Permit Services Supervisor425-263-8060email
Martinis, CherylPermit Services 425-263-8064email
Kress, SarahPermit Services425-263-8061email
Berns, WillieBuilding Official425-263-8076email