Prevention is responsible for all prevention, training, safety, and community education efforts in the department.  Under the direction of Fire Marshal Roger Rudikoff, the division oversees fire safety inspections, public education programs, plans review, and special events planning.  As the City’s Fire Marshal, he is responsible for the application of the fire code to new and existing structures.

2017 Goals and Objectives:

  • Ensure annual inspections are completed on commercial occupancies in the City.
  • Raise the department’s visibility to the community through a robust public education program including fire safety, injury prevention, and disaster resilience.
  • Implement a prevention program in the schools.
  • Reinstitute the Safe Place program at both fire stations.
  • Continue fire pre-plan development and entry into mobile computers for field use.
  • Develop a Fire Prevention Community Risk Reduction reference guide.

2016 Accomplishments:

  • Full-time Fire Marshal position filled from within the department.
  • Made refinements in the online program to track life safety system inspections in the City.
  • Compliance testing of life safety systems metric established.
  • Completed 425 technical inspections.
  • Completed 105 plans reviews and 25 new business license inspections.
  • Prevention outreach efforts increased including home safety and emergency preparedness presentations to civic organizations, homeowners associations, and seniors, in addition to ongoing programs for children.  Public Education programs reached over 35,00 adults and children in 2016.

Open Burning

Open Burning is allowed in Mukilteo under certain conditions.  Open Burning in Mukilteo 

Keep abreast of the current air quality conditions and status of burn bans at  They also have a mobile app to receive notifications about changes in the burn ban.

Annual Business Inspection Program

The Mukilteo Fire Department conducts annual inspections of all businesses in the city, primarily checking for any life-safety issues.  View the .pdf document for additional information. Annual Fire Department Business Inspection Program 

Fire Department Connection (FDC) and Fire Control Room (FCR) Marking Requirements

In order to establish clear requirements for the marking of  Fire Department Connections (FDCs) and Fire Control Rooms (FCR) in commercial buildings, the department has developed this information sheet.  FDC marking and FCR marking

Fire Lane Requirements

For the benefit of those required to have and maintain fire lanes, there are specific rules for how the markings are to be done.  View the .pdf document for additional information.  Fire Lane Standards

Food Vendor Requirements

The Fire Department has specific fire prevention requirements for any food vendors operating in the city.  View the .pdf documents for additional information.  Food Vendor Requirements

Home Safety

There are many things you can do to insure your home is as safe as possible.  View the .pdf document for information on making your home safe.   Home Safety Checklist – updated 031416 LR

Have an HOA, community group, fraternal organization, PTO/PTA or other group interested in home safety and emergency preparedness?  Fire Department staff will come to your meeting to discuss Home Safety and 9-1-1, as well as Emergency Preparedness.  Call our administrative office at 425-263-8150 during regular business hours.