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Mayor’s Vision for Mukilteo

Mayor Gregerson launched her Vision for Mukilteo during her State of the City address in January 2015.  She has focused staff to support this vision of a sustainable, well-run city with safe, strong neighborhoods:

  • Budget efficiently and effectively to align with our priorities
  • Support diversity and inclusiveness in our community
  • Plan well and look forward to the future in decision making
  • Ensure residents are safe in our homes and neighborhoods
  • Empower City employees to collaborate, support and serve
  • Provide high quality two-way communications with residents and encourage full participation in City government
  • Manage appropriate growth that minimizes environmental impact and uses land efficiently
  • Improve accessibility and mobility to destinations throughout our community
  • Ensure access to quality recreation & cultural facilities and services for residents of all ages
  • Support local businesses to ensure a healthy economy

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