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Community Support Grants & Online Application

Each year, the City Council sets aside $10,000 in the General Fund for Community Support Grants to support projects that promote community-based organizations within the City.  Funding is awarded to groups who promote economic development with special events and other activities that enhance the general well-being of the community.  We welcome applications from public, private and non-profit entities with demonstrated capacity to accomplish their proposed projects.

2019 Community Support Grant Applications Now Available Online

For the first time, the application to apply for a 2019 Community Support Grant is online; no paper applications will be accepted. Our move to online processing only is part of the City’s Green Business Certification Program to encourage sustainability and green business practices, including reducing the amount of paper.  Scroll down to begin the application.

The City encourages wide participation and innovative proposals; with limited exceptions, organizations must be based in Mukilteo.  Those that are not must demonstrate, to the City’s satisfaction, the benefits and necessity of the service provided to the community.  Should you need an accommodation to apply for this grant, please contact Management Services Director Steve Edin at (425) 263-8001 for assistance.

The application period is September 17 to November 16, 2018.  The City Council’s Finance Committee will host a grant presentation meeting in December, with City Council approval scheduled for January 7, 2019. All projects must be completed by December 31, 2019, and are on a reimbursement basis only. Contact Executive Assistant Nancy Passovoy at (425) 263-8018 or by email if you have any questions.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser; Internet Explorer may not allow the form to process.

2019 City of Mukilteo Community Support Grant Application

You must answer each question or the form will not process. Use N/A or $0 if it does not apply to your grant.
  • Your project must be completed between January 1 and December 31, 2019.
  • Your organization must be a public, private or non-profit entity (IRS designation) and provide a copy of your official IRS designation letter. With limited exceptions, your organization must be based in Mukilteo; those not located within the City limits must demonstrate the benefits and necessity of the service to the community.
  • This will be the person that the City will directly communicate with, and whose name will be on the Grant Agreement if your project is approved by the City Council.
  • Please provide the phone number for the Contact Person listed above.
  • Contact person email address * Required
  • Organization Address * Required
    This should be the address of your organization, and where reimbursement checks will be mailed.
  • Type of Organization * Required
  • Organization Demographics * Required
    Number of full-time staffNumber of part-time staffNumber of volunteersYear incorporated by the State of WashingtonAdd or remove row
  • What type of project or event are you requesting funds for? * Required
  • What is the amount of US Dollars that you are requesting from the City of Mukilteo. The General Fund has budgeted $10,000 total for Community Support Grants.
  • Provide a concise, one paragraph summary of your proposed project and what objectives it will accomplish, and focus your answer on the specific element(s) for which you are requesting funding.
  • What is your goal of this project? How and why will it benefit the community? If you requested funds last year for the same project, what will you do differently this time? We have limited funds, why should your project be recommended over others?
  • Are you working with other agencies or groups on your project? Please list these other agencies or groups and describe the relationship.
  • Project Budget

  • Revenue * Required
    List the type of income: memberships, sales, etc.CashIn-kindTotalAdd or remove row
    Add a new row
    You must add cash and in-kind income manually. Click on the + at the right to add another row. There is a maximum of 5 rows.
  • Expenditures * Required
    Item or ServiceCashIn-kindTotalAdd or remove row
    Add a new row
    You must add cash and in-kind expenses manually. Click on the + at the right to add another row. There is a maximum of 5 rows.
  • List the expenses you are requesting for grant reimburse you for IF different from the list above.
    Item or ServiceAmountAdd or remove row
    Add a new row
    Click on the "+" at the right to add a new row, you have a maximum of 5 rows to report.
  • Application Certification

    I understand that the City of Mukilteo has placed limitations on the use of Community Support Grant funds and certify that the requested funds will be used only for the purposes described in this application or as approved by the City Council. I understand use of funds is subject to audit by the State of Washington. I have read and understand the criteria by which our application will be evaluated and understand that if our application is selected for funding, we will be required to enter into a binding agreement with the City to ensure completion of the project.
  • The application period for the 2019 Community Support Grants is September 17 to November 16, 2019. No applications will be accepted after the deadline.
  • Name * Required
  • Certification * Required
    You must check all boxes for us to process your application.
  • Drop files here or