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The City has taken hundreds of calls about what is and is not allowed under the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. s an email at comments@mukilteowa.gov. Please allow 48 hours for a response, thank you.

When will parks in the City reopen?

Since May 5, some public parks in Mukilteo are now open.

Lighthouse Park – allowed activities include walking, running and boating in household groups. Parking areas will be open. Restrooms will be open 7am-7pm. The Boat Launch will be open. The playground is now open, but are only cleaned daily and are not sanitized.

92nd Street Park, Tails and Trails Dog Park and Edgewater Beach: Parking areas will be open, but restrooms remain closed. City staffing is not sufficient to ensure frequent cleaning of these spaces. Port-a-potties will be open, and are cleaned weekly by the vendor. The playground is now open, but are only cleaned daily and are not sanitized.

Can I walk on the beach?
The parking lots are closed to reduce the number of people who access the beach. The beach is still open and we are counting on visitors to observe the six feet social distancing rules. If beaches get too crowded and people aren’t observing the social distancing rules, then we will take a second look at the situation. Help us out and stay six feet apart.

Are any of Mukilteo’s parks open?
Yes, beginning May 5. You can access Japanese Gulch from the 76th Street/Community Garden entrance. If you want to access Big Gulch, we encourage you to park at the Library, rather on the street near 92nd Street Park. All park parking lots will be reopened but restrooms may not be. Please do not drive to a park or the beach to walk, stay in your neighborhood and keep social distancing.  Trails and sidewalks are not considered parks, and continue to be open for your physical activity. Please respect physical distance of six feet and avoid groups.

Are fire pits allowed on the beach?
Yes, beginning June 2, 2020, fire pits are allowed. Please see fire pit information here.

What does, “If you take the car, it’s too far” mean?
We aren’t telling people to stop driving, but please do not drive to a park or the beach to walk. Stay in your neighborhood and keep social distancing.  We are discouraging large groups of people at one park where it will be difficult to observe social distancing.

Can I attend a church service or birthday party if I remain in my vehicle?
Yes if you stay in your car, practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Can I go for a walk?
Yes. Remain six feet apart from walkers who are not members of your current household.

Is City Hall open so I can get a permit or resident parking pass?
City operations will continue via primarily phone, email and online. The public is encouraged to call (425) 263-8000 for assistance with City services or visit our website at www.mukilteowa.gov. For more information on city facilities, see this link.   Your new parking permit(s) for the waterfront were mailed on May 1.  Continue to use your current, expired permit until you receive the new one; remember, you could be cited if you do not display a permit. You can apply for an annual boat launch permit HERE.

Updates for residential or commercial permit submittal and inspections: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/planning-development/permits/

What do I do if I see someone not keeping the six feet social distancing rule or not wearing a mask?

Stay away from them. You may report the situation to the Mayor’s Office at cv19violations@mukilteowa.gov.  You can also report violations or questions about violations to the State via this link.

What about City Council meetings? How can the public attend and/or give public comments?
The public can listen to and view the meetings from live streaming from the City’s website or on the City’s Facebook page (no login required). Scroll down that page and look for the meeting date; click on the audio or video icon. Regular Council meetings occur the first and third Monday of the month; if a Monday is a holiday, the meeting is on Tuesday that week.  City Hall is closed to the public indefinitely. No members of the public will be able to attend meetings in person. Public comments can be sent to the City Clerk at clerk@mukilteowa.gov and they will be read into the record. Members of the public can email elected officials anytime at elected@mukilteowa.gov. This information is subject to change without notice.


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