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Wise Investment in Transportation Taskforce (WITT)

Established Meetings
By Resolution 2015-67 WITT is no longer an active committee

The Mayor’s 2015 Budget included a decision package to retain a consultant to assist the City in evaluating current and future transportation needs and funding strategies. In adopting the budget, the Council removed the additional funding for a consultant and requested that the Policy Analyst undertake the work in 2015.

Recent analysis of REET revenues and funding projections has reinforced the need to examine alternative funding strategies to invest in the City’s transportation infrastructure. The City is currently drafting Pavement Management and Active Transportation plans that will identify needs and strategies to manage infrastructure and construct a multimodal transportation system for residents, businesses and visitors.

As the City undertakes a comprehensive review of transportation needs and funding strategies, staff recommend the formation of a short-term taskforce, composed of existing City commission members, as well as residents with skills and interest in transportation and finance issues to help advise and guide the City’s study work. The goal of the taskforce would be to review existing plans, and make recommendations to the Mayor and Council on appropriate funding strategies to implement the current policy direction of the Council.

The resolution envisions a one-year study with monthly meetings of the taskforce to review and guide the staff review. The taskforce would review existing plans, as well as the pending Pavement Management Strategy and Active Transportation Plan as they are available.

NameTitleTerm BeginTerm End
Joe MarineChair07/20/201512/31/2016
Len BaronMember07/20/201512/31/2016
Diane CooperMember07/20/201512/31/2016
Melanie FieldMember07/20/201512/31/2016
Marius GrigoreMember07/20/201512/31/2016
Laura McCartyMember07/20/201512/31/2016
Richard NormanMember07/20/201512/31/2016
Cyndi ThomsenMember01/01/201612/31/2016
Kevin WilsonMember07/20/201512/31/2016
Marko LiiasPolicy Analyst

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