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88th Street SW Pavement Preservation

About the Project

In 2007, The City of Mukilteo adopted a street preservation policy that established an annual program for street preservation.   This enables the City to “keep good roads in good condition”.  Arterial streets, like 88th Street SW, have priority for preservation maintenance because of the traffic volumes and connectivity to regional manufacturing and community centers.

Project Description

The City intends to resurface the existing pavement of 88th Street SW with hot mix asphalt (HMA) from SR525 (Mukilteo Speedway) to a residential dead-end, approximately 0.57 miles west of SR525.

This section of 88th St SW exists as a two-lane road that primarily serves adjacent residential neighborhoods.  The existing pavement on 88th Street SW currently reveals widespread areas of distress and deterioration from fatigue cracking and rutting.   An HMA overlay will preserve and provide structural integrity to the existing pavement.  This project will also evaluate and repair areas of deeper pavement distress prior to the HMA overlay.    Existing roadway pavement markings will be replaced and utility lids (sewer, water, gas) are expected to be adjusted to grade.  In addition, the project will retrofit existing curb ramps to comply with the latest ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

Goals and Benefits

This project is a high priority for the City of Mukilteo, as it aligns with its pavement preservation mission to “keep good roads in good condition” while balancing cost efficiency with longevity.  Once 88th Street SW is resurfaced, users will experience improved ride quality, reduced surface distresses, reduced noise levels, and longer-lasting service.

It is the City’s primary goal to place the HMA overlay at this time before the pavement deterioration has reached a critical stage where more extensive, and costly, rehabilitation is required.  Thin HMA overlays, like the one planned for 88th St. SW, can be expected to provide 10 years or more on existing asphalt surfaces.

Public Outreach

During the design phase, a project website will be maintained to inform the residential community.  Once this project moves into construction, a more comprehensive outreach will be implemented.  City Staff will utilize various forms of communication, which may include mailers, door hangers, newspaper ads, website and social media updates prior to, during and post construction to communicate with those impacted by this project.

  • Public meetings are not anticipated at this time.

Upcoming Meetings

  • No meetings scheduled at this time.

Project Schedule

In April, 2018 the City of Mukilteo advertised the 88th St SW Pavement Preservation project for the Preliminary Engineering and Design Phase, which began in July, 2018.  The Final Design and Environmental efforts are expected to be complete by the end of January, 2019, with Advertisement for Construction by the end of February, 2019. Construction is anticipated to begin in the Spring, 2019.

Project Funding

The design and construction phases of this project will be funded through a Federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) grant and the voter-approved Transportation Benefit District (TBD).

The design and construction budget for the 88th Street Pavement Preservation project is  $684,902, consisting of $443,919 in federal grant funds and $240,983 in Transportation Benefit District (TBD) funds.



File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/88th-Street-SW-Vicinity-Map-1.pdf
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