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76th Street & SR525 Pedestrian Improvements

About the Project
On June 18, 2019 the City was selected to receive STATE funding through the Safe Routes to School Program (SRSP) to design and construct pedestrian improvements along 76th St. SW between SR525 and 44th Ave W. These improvements will better serve the adjacent residential neighborhoods, schools (Olympic View Middle School and Mukilteo Elementary School), the Mukilteo Community Garden and the Japanese Gulch South Trailhead.

Project Description

76th Street SW is a two-lane roadway, with no bike lanes, minimum shoulders, non-compliant ADA ramps, disjointed and failing sidewalks, and residential driveways abutting the roadway edge of pavement, some of which are non-compliant. The existing sidewalk along 76th Street SW has significant gaps, which leave pedestrians no alternative but to walk on a narrow unpaved shoulder or in the travel lane. Of the 2,000 linear feet along 76th Street SW between SR 525 and 44th Avenue W, there are sidewalk gaps f over 770 linear feet, with over 450 linear feet of existing sidewalk that has cracked and failed.

This project intends to complete the gaps in the existing sidewalk along 76th Street,  as well as repair failed segments of the existing sidewalk, replace non-compliant ADA ramps, and install pedestrian crossing signals to enhance pedestrian safety and circulation.

Additionally, the project will upgrade the non-compliant ADA ramp that connects the Olympic View Middle School parking lot to SR525, and replace the existing RRFB crossing on SR525 with a High- Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) signal. The project will also provide a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) crossing to move pedestrians from the north side of 76th Street SW to the south side, and provide a sidewalk connection to an existing pedestrian facility on 44th Avenue W.

Goals and Benefits

In October 2015, the City of Mukilteo adopted the Mukilteo Comprehensive Plan, which included projects to improve pedestrian connectivity between parks, residential areas, schools, retails centers and regional transportation nodes, with a goal to provide a higher level of mobility and enhanced livability within the City of Mukilteo. One of the primary benefits of this project will improve the quality of life for the residents living within close proximity of the project, particularly for parents who desire a safer route to school for their children.

Public Outreach
In an effort to identify priority projects, a data inventory was conducted to highlight existing facilities in need of improvement to benefit pedestrians and bicycles, transit facilities, barriers, and Safe Routes to School. This inventory led to a data analysis to determine the existing gaps between where people are (origins) and places people want to go (destinations). This analysis included community outreach and input, which led to an expansive list of projects, one of which identified the need to complete the sidewalk gaps on 76th St SW, and provide a door-to-door compliant connection from Olympic View Middle school at the west end of the project (SR 525), with the Trailhead access to Japanese Gulch park at the east end of the project (44th Ave W).

See the Informational Flyer here.

Project Schedule

In early January 2020 the City of Mukilteo advertised the 76th St SW & SR525 Pedestrian Improvement project for professional services to complete the design and engineering phase of the project. This effort was completed in June, 2021 and the project was advertised for construction in late July, 2021.  The construction of the new improvements began on September 15, 2021, with the majority of these improvements anticipated to be complete by mid-November, 2021.  Due to the difficulty of procuring critical materials for the HAWK signal (High-intensity Activated cross-walK) that is to span SR525 (just north of the intersection at 76th St SW), it is anticipated that the project will experience a brief suspension of work until early Spring, 2022 before these materials can be delivered to complete the remainder of the improvements, rendering the project “substantially” complete.


76th Postcard 

76th St SW Doorhanger

Please find below a link to an online story map for the project where you can see the proposed improvements and leave comments.

Project 76th St SW Safe Routes to Schools Story Map 

Project Contact: Randall Roberts, Capital Projects Engineer
rroberts@mukilteowa.gov / 425-263-8084


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