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2022 Spring Cleanup

Citywide Spring Cleanup
Saturday, September 17th, 2022

This event is for regular residential customers (not commercial or multi-family residences).   

View 2022 Curbside Cleanup Flier here


Items Accepted at Cleanup Event:

No more than 1 yard of materials (approximately 5 bags) and weighing not more than 65 pounds total; AND
Up to two (2) larger items such as mattresses, sofas, and large chairs

Items for pickup must be bundled, boxed, or bagged and placed at curbside where your regular trash containers go by 7:00am Saturday, September 17th. 
Large items must be placed at a public street where large trucks can easily pick the items up.

Items NOT Accepted at Cleanup Event:

Any items not allowed (as listed below) will be left on the curbside.
Please do not place for pickup: Paints, solvents, pesticides, gasoline, cleaning materials, tires, rocks, concrete, construction debris, sod, yard waste, TVs, computers, phones, or electronics
For Electronic and Appliance recycling, please call Ace Metal Company at 425-493-6802.

Please call Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995 or email execadmin@mukilteowa.gov for questions


Northwest Center (NWC) – drop off & pick up
12108 Mukilteo Speedway for drop-off

Goodwill Donation Centers – drop off only
228 SW Everett Mall Way, Everett
Habitat for Humanity (HFH)- drop off only
16929 Hwy 99, Lynnwood

Other Resources:

Disposal and Recycling Sites:
Snohomish County Solid Waste
Call 425-388-3425

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal:
Household Hazardous Waste
Drop-Off Station
3434 McDougall Ave. Everett, WA
Call 425-388-6050



File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022-Curbside-Cleanup-Flyer-1.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/2022-curbside-cleanup-flyer/

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