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2022 City Council Vacancy Application

Thank you for your interest in being considered to be appointed by the Mukilteo City Council to complete the remainder of Councilmember Joe Marine’s term, which ends after the November 7, 2023 election is certified. Councilmember Marine will take office as Mayor of Mukilteo on January 1, 2022.

To be considered, you must complete the following application by the deadline of 5:00pm on December 23, 2021. Per RCW 35A.12.030, you must be over age 18 and a registered voter of the City of Mukilteo at the time you submit your application to be considered.  You must have been a resident of Mukilteo for at least one year preceding your appointment. If appointed, you may not hold another position within city government or a Board, Committee or Commission. For example, if you are currently a Planning Commissioner, you would resign that position in order to serve on the City Council.

City Council Confirmation Process

Candidate interviews will be conducted in a public meeting with the Council in January.  It is expected that Council discussion and voting will occur at the same meeting. Appointment is effective immediately for the rest of the term which ends after the November 7, 2023 election is certified.. The selected candidate can run for office in 2023, but it is not a requirement to apply. This process is subject to change without notice.



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