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2020 Mukilteo Art Contest – No More Applications Accepted


Calling Young Artists! ¦  Entry Criteria  ¦  Timeline  ¦  Submit Your Work and Register  ¦  Our Judges

Calling Young Artists!

Looking to have your art displayed, commended, or sold? Register for the third-annual Mukilteo Art Contest to be held on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at Rosehill Community Center at 2:00pm. The Art Contest is organized by the Mukilteo Youth Advisory Committee (MYAC).

A total of 6 winners will be announced, with three from each category:

  • Elementary: K-5th grades, 2d art work only. Winning entries will receive art supplies worth $50 (first place), $25 (2nd place) and $20 (third place). For the first time,  all Elementary artists will be considered for an “Aspiring Artist” award based on their description of what inspired them to create their piece of art
  • Middle and High: 6th-12th grades, digital and 2d. First place winner will receive $75, second place $50 and third place $25.

    Rosehill Community Center at dusk, shot from the lower parking lot with blue tones reflecting in the 2-story windows

    Rosehill Community Center

While all who register will have their work displayed at the Rosehill Community Center on January 26, winners will have their works displayed on the City’s website for February and March 2020.

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Entry Criteria:

  • Artists must be a K-12 student of the Greater Seattle Area.
  • Works must be 2d or digital original art. K-5 students may submit only 2d art.
  • Maximum of 1 submission per artist for a maximum number of 150 applications. Once 150 applications are received, the registration will be closed.
    • The first entry application for all artists will be the only one accepted.
    • Any art submissions from previous Art Contests will disqualify the artist and artwork. We do keep track.
  • Works can be dropped off at at Rosehill Community Center between the hours of 11:00am and 1:30 pm on January 26, 2020 to be displayed at the Opening Reception.
  • No artwork will be accepted at Mukilteo City Hall this year.
  • If your work is framed OR is greater than 11”x 17”, please bring your own easel.
  •  If your work is digital, please bring a physical copy to display. For example, bring the photograph to the reception for displaying.
  • MYAC reserves the right to disqualify work at our discretion (e.g., if deemed to feature excessive violent/ sexual/ other explicit material inappropriate for younger entrants).

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  • January 8, 2020: Deadline extended. Entry deadline at 4:30pm.  NOTE: We will accept only the first 150 registrations; if that number is reached, we will no longer accept any new registrations.
  • January 26, 2020: Artwork drop-off at Rosehill Community Center between  11:00am and 1:30pm.
  • January 26, 2020: Art Show Reception at the Rosehill Community Center begins at 2:00pm. Winners will be announced, and artwork should be taken home after the event.
  • February and March 2020: Winning art work will be displayed on the City’s website.

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Submit Your Work:

The registration/application period has passed, and we are no longer accepting new ones.

Questions can be submitted by email or by phone at 425-263-8018.

Rosehill Community Center is located at:  304 Lincoln Avenue, Mukilteo, WA 98275 – phone (425) 263-8180

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Our Judges

Jenn Charoni: Jenn is a nonprofit program manager and educator from South Seattle. She’s worked with many different arts and education nonprofits throughout the city and is interested in radical systematic change to create a more equitable education system. She studied immigrant and refugee youth education in Seattle, and focused on research concerning racism and segregation in Seattle and the long-reaching effects of these institutions. She believes in the power and magic of youth and supporting young people and their voices in all things.

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image of art contest judge Rayna MathisRayna Mathis: Rayna is an educator of color at the Seattle Art Museum, dedicated to museum work that revolves around making more spaces equitable, empowering, and unapologetic. She is a graduate of the University of Washington, with a Bachelors of Art in History, and is the Assistant Educator for Teen Programs at the SAM. She is a Community Advisory Board Member at KEXP and was The Washington Art Education Association’s 2018 Outstanding New Art Educator of the Year, and has presented at national conferences on challenging museum in regards to racial equity, accessibility, and inclusion. When not at the museum, Rayna can be found swing dancing, writing about/working for/or, seeing jazz festivals, or taking Buzzfeed quizzes at home.

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